Us Brits love a good ol’ cuppa and a biccie to get us through the day. We go through millions of brews a year but it’s said that 96% of the tea we drink in the UK is from a bag. We want to change that.

Even if you are a ‘milk, two sugars’ kind of person, and we too are known for dipping into our tea cupboard for a quick bag-and-go, the art to the perfect cuppa is investing in some beautiful tea leaves and infusers to really let the flavours come to life. 

From tea infusers to teapots, here are all of the gadgets you need to elevate your next brew.


We of course know that we don’t always have the time to carefully construct our cups, but when you next have guests over, go the extra mile and bring out your teapot and tea leaves. It shows you’re willing to put in the effort to construct the best brew possible and it really elevates any coffee table situ too. 

Play it simple with a glass teapot, like this one from The White Company, or go the extra mile and get yours handcrafted at ATT PYNTA. 

Sage Compact Tea Maker Kettle


If you’re really invested in the tea department, you’ll want to invest in Sage’s compact tea maker kettle. Whether you’re an oolong fan or you’re more of an English breakfast kind of person, this handy tool will never see you over-steeping your tea again. 

Tea Infusers

Tea lovers, deep down you know it’s time to ditch the tea bags and invest in a proper brewed cup made with loose leaf. Tea bags are essential broken up tea leaves, called dust or fannings, and when steeped they actually bring out a bitter and less appealing cup. Investing in some loose leaves will elevate your tea game thanks to their freshness and overall more pleasant flavour. To make the jump without investing in a teapot though will see you needing a tea infuser so that the pesky leaves don’t swim around in your cup. 

OTOTO Baby Nessie Tea Infuser


Nessie tea infuser? Tea-rrific!

OTOTO have produced possibly the cutest tea infuser in the shape of Nessie the Loch Ness monster. All you need to do is pop in your favourite loose leaf in Nessie’s belly and pop her into your cup of boiling water and let the brewing magic blissfully happen.

Matcha Tea

Matcha is made from finely grounded green tea leaves that forms a powder and is typically a Japanese delicacy, but in recent years, we’ve seen its popularity grow in the UK, thanks to its natural taste and endless health benefits. From boosting brain function to its high antioxidant qualities,  we could easily chat all day about the multiple health benefits that a simple cup of matcha tea comes with, but we’ll spare you the in-depth details.

To craft the perfect cup at home, you’ll need a few simple tools you see you on your way. From specially crafted pronged whisks to bamboo spatulas, here’s everything you’ll need.


Cold Tea Flasks

If you love the flavour of tea but find it difficult to indulge in a cup during the warmer weather, cold brew tea provides you with tea’s intense flavour while quenching your first on a hot summer’s day. For those on-the-go, invest in a cold tea flask that has a special in-built filter to help infuse the flavours more.

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