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Emily Gray


A bit of a cake connoisseur, Editor, Emily is constantly on the search for the best brownie London has to offer, a restaurant once even put them on the menu when they heard she was visiting… You’ll either find her on a night out or debriefing over brunch the next day with plenty of coffee and eggs.

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Q&A with Emily Gray

Favourite restaurant in London?
That’s asking the impossible, but anywhere that serves a good beef tartare and some form of brownie or sticky toffee pudding has to be up there.

Favourite cocktail?
Something strong, like a Mezcal Old Fashioned!

I want to learn how to…
Not procrastinate

Favourite holiday location?
Might not be that exotic, but you can’t beat Cornwall: beaches, pasties, surfing, cider, what’s not to love? Maybe the weather….

I couldn’t live without…
Nights out and days in with my friends.

My beauty bag isn’t complete without…
Naked Flushed by Urban Decay – my favourite highlighter.

Get me on the guest list for…
A party where they’re serving burgers and free flowing Champagne – the best combination.

3 things I’d take on a desert island
Music, a well-stocked kindle and my friends, I’m planning on finding food once I’m there…..

Favourite online shop?
I have a slight (quite big) ASOS addiction.

Best thing about being a Londoner…
You can never get bored – there is always something happening, someone to meet or somewhere to go.