It’s been 29 years since the West End has had a new production of Grease, but now the iconic musical will return to the Dominion Theatre with a new version from next year. It’ll have new choreography and staging, as well as all the familiar songs from the musical and film, like Summer NightsYou’re The One That I Want and Greased Lightnin’, and opens in May 2022.

This new production of Grease will be directed by Nikolai Foster, who’s directed versions of some of the biggest musicals like Annie, Billy Elliot and West Side Story, and will feature choreography by industry veteran and current I’m A Celeb contestant Arlene Phillips. Casting however is yet to be announced, though it’s probably unlikely that 67 year old John Travolta will be reprising his film role as Danny Zuko.

The new West End version will be the same as the current touring production of the show, which has been described as “grittier” than other performances,  which means it’ll feature the more raw and vulgar elements of the original 1971 Chicago version, before it was pared back for mainstream 70s audiences. If you’re looking for a fun musical don’t fret though, it’ll still maintain bits from the 1978 film and be an entertaining experience.

The new West End version will be the same as the current touring production...

The touring version began back in 2019, though of course like everything else was disrupted by the pandemic in 2020, and has been dancing back on its feet this year with performances in cities around the country. This tour was accompanied by cameo appearances by Peter Andre as both Teen Angel and Vince Fontaine at various venues. Anything with Peter Andre surely can’t be that gritty, though it’s unclear whether he’ll be coming to the West End too, or spreading his T-Bird wings for ventures elsewhere.

If you’ve not actually seen Grease or its Travolta film adaptation, its plot is fairly simple: after a whirlwind summer romance, greaser Danny Zuko and girl-next-door Sandy find themselves unexpectedly reunited at their high school during senior year.

Danny’s greaser lifestyle and Sandy’s girls clique soon clash however, and they attempt to navigate the perils of love, peer pressure and personal values in 1950s America. As previously mentioned, this new production aims to more thoroughly explore themes of teenage rebellion, gang violence and teenage pregnancy, but in a musical setting.

You'd better be like Greased Lightnin' to secure your seat...

So, if you fancy spending one of your Summer Nights next year in a singing and dancing version of a 1950s American high school, there aren’t many options better than seeing Grease on stage in the West End. Tickets are on sale now, and considering the show’s immense popularity, you’d better be like Greased Lightnin’ to secure your seat.


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