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Making cocktails is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s like you’ve suddenly become an expert in flavour pairing. You can jiggle that cocktail shaker by your ear, while your friends look on expectantly, and then voila! You’ve surprised them with a glass of magic.

But of course, the reality is always somewhat different to your original imagination. Limes are squeezed all over the kitchen table and the congealed syrup you tried boiling is stuck to the pan. It’s a real ‘Instagram versus reality’ moment brought to life.

That is until, of course, you’re introduced to Clink*, the online spirits destination that allows you to shop award-winning spirits in one place. They provide some of the world’s most renowned brands, and they know the perfect accompaniments to make a delicious serve. What’s more, they’ve paired up complementary spirit and mixer combinations, and stock expertly mixed premium cocktails, so all that’s left for you to do is garnish and enjoy.

Build your own bundle (with a mixer for free!)

Clink* has launched a feature on the site where you can match your favourite spirits with your favourite Fever-Tree mixers. Simply choose your spirit and then pick your Fever-Tree mixer. If you fancy another bottle, no problemo. Add another selection into your basket.

Plus, there’s a small discount included too. Simply type in the code FREEMIXER at the basket to receive your mixer for nothing. It’ll give you a saving of up to £8 on every order.

Reyka and Tonic Cocktail

Bundles curated by Clink*

Not sure which new spirits to try? Then Clink* has something else up its cocktail-making sleeve. They’ve created a handy hack where they pair up suggested spirits, from whiskies to gins.

For the whisky enthusiasts, choose the Monkey Shoulder Ginger Monkey Cocktail Bundle for a fresh and vibrant cocktail with vanilla, marmalade and barley flavour notes. If you prefer gin, look to the Hendrick’s Original Gin and Fever-Tree Tonic Water Bundle or mix things up with the Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice Gin and Fever-Tree Tonic Bundle. This infusion manages to capture the essence of a long, hazy summer day in every sip.

There are all manner of exclusive offers available and on selected orders you even get a 5cl miniature included as an additional gift at checkout.

Batch & Bottle’s pre-batched cocktails 

Whether you’re after a rhubarb cosmopolitan or a gin martini, Clink* are on hand for all of your cocktail needs. In their cocktail bundle selection, you’ll find them serving up Batch & Bottle’s multitude of pre-made cocktails. Each one is made to the highest standard. It combines the finest ingredients coupled with the knowledge and experience of some of the finest cocktail makers and master distillers in the world, so all you need to do is serve in your favourite cocktail glass, garnish and enjoy.

Clink* has the full range of Batch & Bottle from a Glenfiddich Scotch Manhattan to a Monkey Shoulder Lazy Old Fashioned, a Reyka Rhubarb Martini to a Hendrick’s Gin Martini. Try out a bottle for yourself and you’ll definitely impress your friends at your next cocktail night. 

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