The £10.99 Mascara That’s Trending On TikTok

By Tamara Corin | 31st January 2022

With 46.9 million views on TikTok, and a winning portfolio of mascaras, we reveal if Maybelline’s newly launched formula is worth the hype. 

We weren’t surprised to learn that a Maybelline mascara sells every seven seconds in the UK. It’s a makeup category that the reliable and cult brand always get right, with their game-changing formulations that stand the test of time (quite literally!) And it seems the latest mascara-on-the-block, is no exception to the rule. In a matter of days, Curl Bounce has created a serious buzz with beauty editors, makeup artists and social media influencers alike. Why all the fuss? We put it to the test….


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Any beauty product which is designed to speed up our routine, instantly gets our seal of approval. The main concept behind Curl Bounce is, it’s designed to curl and build lashes simultaneously without having to faff with your eyelash curlers, which let’s face it we can all do without first thing in the morning. It’s created with a “memory curl formula”, which in beauty jargon basically means it contains curling polymers made from ingredients that is usually found in curly hair products (genius!) So, like the hair on your head, you want the curl and bounce to hold, similarly you don’t want your lashes to fall flat either. 

This clever formulation gives lashes an uber-natural look that is subtle enough for creating a no-makeup-makeup look, (which is surprisingly hard to perfect) with just the right lift to deliver fanned out lashes. Impressively, this mascara doesn’t migrate down your face come 4pm, and is seriously smudge-proof even when on sensitive eyes. It quite frankly ticks all the right boxes, and more.

If, however you’re more Claudia Winkelman than Tess Daly, then stick to bolder formulas that create the dramatic look you crave. Curl Bounce sits far better for daytime. Think natural, pretty, and subtle. But don’t allow the mascara to dry in between coats as this can lead to clumpy wet lashes which is far more suited to an evening look. 

Any mascara junkie will tell you the most important component of a mascara is the brush. This curved, slightly oversized wand uses both shorter bristles on one side to build volume and longer bristles on the other for separating out lashes. Having two different sizes of bristles ensures no lash goes untouched and allows you to get close to your lash line without any transfer onto your eyelids.

If you’re more Claudia Winkelman than Tess Daly, you might want to stick to bolder formulas that create a more drama, but Curl Bounce works perfectly for a wide-eyed daytime look.

We know curling mascaras are no strangers to the beauty industry. Take Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara and Benefit Roller Lash Curling mascara that have been (and still are) successfully curling lashes for years. However, they don’t come cheap. In contrast, Curl Bounce, at £10.99 (it’s actually currently on offer at lookfantastic for just £8.75!), is a bargainous buy which is equally deserving of a place in your makeup bag but at a fraction of the cost.

Finally, let’s talk packaging. It’s bright, bold, and YELLOW??!! (Easy to spot in your makeup bag!) Admittedly the mascara isn’t the most attractive tube we’ve come across, but the results are so impressive, you’ll soon see beyond the unsightly aesthetics.

A word of advice: grab it now, before Tik Tok make it a sell-out.

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