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The Handbook

Cinemas, remember them? In the distant past (February) they were places of joy, temples to the stars of the silver screen, home of back-row snogging, sticky carpets and the all-pervasive pong of popcorn. Now they’re all boarded up, houses of viral hotboxing, who knows when to return. Unless…

This summer a piece of classic Americana, a ’50s-style drive-in cinema, will be opening in London. The experience will be a chance to remember what it’s like to go to the cinema, the big screen and surround sound not to mention the shared enjoyment of watching a film en masse. But it also promises to be something of an extravaganza in itself.

From the comfort (and safety) of your car expect to enjoy not only ’80s classics and modern-day blockbusters, but also warm-up acts including stand-up comedy, bingo and even silent car discos!

Worried about the sound quality? Don’t be, organisers @TheDriveIn have brought in the top expert kit from America and it’ll be broadcast straight to your car audio. Also from America, food and snacks (we’re already longing for burgers and milkshakes), all ordered via app and delivered by ’50-style roller waiters and waitresses.

The ultimate socially distanced event will be heading to ‘South London’ before heading on tour round the UK and arriving back at the equally pin-pointedly precise ‘East London’. More details will presumably be forthcoming, but we do know that the huge LED screens will be blasting out six shows per city.

Tickets for the £35 shows will go on sale on Wednesday 27th May at midday, and potential drive-in-ers are urged to sign up to @TheDriveIn’s priority booking list. Honk if you see us there!