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Boxed booze has come a long way. What was one the drink of choice for teens pitching up in the park for the night, has since been given the sophisticated glow up it deserves. Now you can find French Sauvignon Blancs that you’ll actually want to be seen drinking and pink gin packages perfect for the seaside picnic you’ve got planned later this month. 

Join in on the craze and order a box from our curated list below.

Pinkster on Tap 

Starting off strong, elevate your picnic game and whip out this boxed option from Pinkster. This three-litre package is packed with gin that’s been hand-steeped in raspberries to give it a flavour-packed and pink hued finish. 

Great for those headed to a festival or camping excursion this summer as it equates to just over four regular bottles and makes over 100 serves. It’s made with the environment in mind, from 100% recyclable and reduces glass bottle waste.

Pair it alongside your favourite tonic, fresh fruits and you’ve got yourself a tipple to remember.

This three-litre package is packed with gin that’s been hand-steeped in raspberries...

Shake Baby Shake Passion Fruit Martini

For the passion fruit martini lovers out there, this boxed tipple from Shake Baby Shake is sure to tempt you. Known for their canned cocktails, Shake Baby Shake went one step further and launched a bag-in-box version of their popular passion fruit martini canned mix. 

Perfect for picnic park dates or boozy brunches at home, the box is packed with a smooth mix of passion fruit juice and natural flavours, before being shaken with fruit alcohol and vodka. Packaged inside their signature outlandish design – think purple tiger print – it’s one of the best on the market for cocktail boxed booze. 


Launching back in July 2020, founders Laura Riches and Laura Rosenberger made it their mission to rewrite the rules of what boxed wine entails. The team works closely with small, independent producers to create the best possible wine that you’d proudly bring out at a dinner party. 

Right now, they have a light French Sauvignon Blanc available, which as they put it is packed with ‘all the classiness of a French Sauvignon, but with an abundance of tropical fruits that burst from the glass’. Doesn’t that sound delicious? 

Sustainability is at the heart of the business too, with their box using less energy than your typical wine bottle. Let’s not ignore the beautiful designed packaging either – it’s one you wouldn’t mind having perfectly perched on your home bar countertop. 

More Wine –  IGP du Gard, Cuvee des Chartreux, France

For a rose with a difference, look to More Wine’s IGP du Gard, Cuvee des Chartreux, France. This fresh rose is predominantly made with Grenache grapes, with some Syrah and Cinsault, and has fragrant notes of blackcurrant, strawberry and raspberry. 

Available in a ten litre box, this is one to bring out at your next barbecue to really wow your guests.

Available in a ten litre box, this is one to bring out at your next barbecue to really wow your guests...

East London Brewing 

If you’re partial to a real ale but don’t fancy heading out to your local, order in one of East London Brewing’s bag-in-box offerings. Available in ten and 20 litre boxes, the beer is filtered directly from cask to order so it’ll almost feel like you’re at your favourite local haunt. 

These boxes are great for picnics, camping and general celebrations, and are incredibly cost-effective too. Choose from Pale Ale, Foundation Best Bitter, Nightwatchman Dark Premium Bitter, Jamboree Golden Ale and Cowcatcher APA. 

The Original Small Beer

Ok, so this one isn’t technically a ‘box’ but it’s the next best thing – a mini keg! Perfect for those who like the taste of beer but don’t enjoy contending with the pounding head the morning after, The Original Small Beer brews some of the best low-abv beer on the market. 

Dubbed the ‘sessionable’ brew, the Session Pale is vegan with layers of tropical fruits and a balanced hop finish. All you need to do is pop this in the fridge and pour when you’re ready to enjoy a pint.

The Bib Wine Co.

Launched back in 2016, The Bib Wine Co. was designed with sustainability and fine wine in mind, and now produces some of the best boxed wine around. 

Whether you’re throwing a dinner party for the in-laws and know they won’t be able to finish the bottle, or you’re just after a full bodied red to go alongside your steak but don’t want to crack open a bottle just for one glass, these guys have you covered. Their boxes come in 2.25 litre boxes, equating to three bottles of wine, and have the option for you to return your packaging to be recycled too. For those not wanting to commit to a whole box before trying it, they also have a tasting box and an online tasting session too.

Barefoot Wine 

Enjoy a taste of summer with Barefoot on Tap. As wine in a box is set to be 2021’s biggest drinks trend, the team at Barefoot Wine have launched two new variants that you can enjoy at home. 

With Pinot Grigio and White Zinfandel available, these boxes last and stay fresh for 30 days after opening, meaning you can enjoy a glass without having to worry about it losing its full flavour.

Price: £12.50

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