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Did you know that over 16 million adults suffer from sleepless nights in the UK alone and nearly a quarter only manage to get no more than five hours every night?  If that sounds like you,  John Lewis are here to help.

To highlight World Sleep Awareness Day (that’s today Friday 18th March) we’ve teamed up with the trusted high street store to bring you an edit of everything you need to get a better night’s sleep. From five-star hotel-worthy bed linens to award-winning mattresses, chic PJs to beauty products that will lull you into slumberland, here’s everything you need to catch eight hours of uninterrupted Zzzz….

Create A Relaxing Bedtime Routine

Creating bedtime rituals can help to send you off to sleep. Put down Instagram and stop streaming that binge-worthy show at least one hour before bed and instead indulge in soul-soothing, kind activities that are going to prep your body and your mind ready for kip.

A relaxing bath with aromatherapy oils can help to unwind and elevate stress after a long day – we rate Tisserand’s Real Calm Bath Oil; while Aromatherapy Associates’ Pure Essential Oil Ceramic Diffuser can create a moment of calm by your bedside. It’s powerful air compression disperses a micro-fine mist direct from the bottles of 100% natural, pure essential oil blends and is completely noise-free. Trust us, it will make your home smell like a spa, too.

Finally, we love Neom’s whole range of sleep inducing products but special shout out must go to the Perfect Night’s Sleep Face Oil. The powerful product blends together a formula of antioxidants, omega complex and oils rich in vitamins, leaving you waking up the next day looking refreshed and like you’ve had eight whole hours (even if you haven’t.)

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Make Your Sleep Environment Slumber Inducing

On average, we spend a whopping 33 years of our life in bed, so invest in it and you’ll reap the benefits of a better night’s sleep. John Lewis has everything you need to make your sleeping quarters slumber inducing, from duvet covers and pillow that feel and look plucked from a five-star hotel, to their most luxurious mattress yet.

The Classic Sustainable Waitrose Wool 1200 Pocket Spring Mattress is made with a ReActive™ pocket spring system and hand-tufted fillingss, promising to give you a more supported and deeper night’s sleep. It also comes with John Lewis’ 60 Night Comfort Trial, which means that if you want to exchange your mattress within 60 nights from delivery you can choose a different model.

The brand also have a gorgeous selection of nightwear, from silky sets to cool cotton pairs for warm summer nights.  There’s nothing like new PJs to get you to go to bed early.

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Build Your Tech Toolkit

Finally, if you’re guilty of scrolling your phone in bed, now’s the time to ditch the blue light and invest in a tech tool kit that will help you maintain a healthy sleep pattern.

John Lewis has a great selection of clever products based around a better night’s sleep, from Dyson’s Cool (and quiet) Air Purifying Fan – a must during the summer months – to noise cancelling sleep buds that will help to create a serene space and drown out any unwanted  snorers in the room.

Ditch the blue light and invest in in a tech tool kit that will help master a healthy sleep routine.

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