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Alfresco is the new un-fresco this summer, as anyone who’s anyone heads out of doors for a COVID-safe dining experience. And so restaurants are following suit and the latest to hit our inbox is The Berkeley, who have unveiled a brand-new restaurant in record time: The Garden.

The Knightsbridge Hotel has retooled their terrace on Wilton Place to create a lantern, candle and festoon-light lit alfresco restaurant overlooking nearby St Paul’s church and instantly making it the Belgravia dining spot everyone’s going to want to get into this summer.

The menu will be informal Mediterranean and the vibe will be chilled-out European to the point where the fact you’re not in an Italy or French mountain top village, but rather about two minutes walk from Harvey Nick’s, will feel discombobulating.

But reserve your bobulation for the food, which will include warm sourdough with confit garlic and charred vine tomatoes on arrival (it’ll be the restaurant’s signature touch) with dishes including giant charred prawns; T-bone steak with smoked shallot butter and chimichurri; grilled sardines with lemon and rock salt as well as roast cauliflower with smoked almond puree, all of which will be cooked outside on Green Egg barbecues.

For drinks, get a pitcher of ‘The Berkeley Cup’, a blend of rum, Pimm’s, cassis and ginger beer finished with cucumber and strawberries or opt for ‘Peach Wine’, a combo of rosé, peach and elderflower liqueur with lime.

With socially distanced tables for two to six people we’re already planning our first visit to The Garden.

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