If you’re like us, you’ve been eager for a new thriller to sink into on Netflix. There’s been some pretty notable ones over the years, like Bird Box, I’m Thinking Of Ending Things and Uncut Gems, not to mention plenty of original series and the recently released parody The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window.

We may have found it: there’s a new film poised to join these ranks, and one that certainly looks pretty intense. The Weekend Away, much like Amazon’s upcoming film The End of Getting Lost, is based on a novel, which was released in 2020 when unfortunately not many people were going for a weekend away.

The plot turns the concept of a girl’s holiday on its head, with disturbing and tension building results. When best friends Beth and Kate decide to take a weekend trip abroad, everything seems at first to go fine. They happily eat and drink leisurely, hit the clubs and dance the night away. Unfortunately, things go very wrong when poor Kate’s body is discovered the next morning floating at sea.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the fingers of suspicion begin to point at Beth, and things start looking bad for her as her friend’s death sinks in. Beth desperately starts trying to piece together the puzzle of what exactly happened the previous night: witnesses claim she and Kate argued, and she’s not able to keep her story straight.

Stuck in Croatia, Beth has no choice but to befriend a local man and attempt to clear her name and uncover the truth about what happened, as she uncovers some shocking secrets. The film adaptation will star Leighton Meester in the lead role of Beth, who’s best known for her popular character Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. Joining her is Christina Wolfe as Kate, as well as Amar Bukvic and Luke Norris in the rest of the cast.

The adaptation will be directed by Kim Farrant, who’s best known for directing the 2015 film¬†Strangerland starring Nicole Kidman. The film will feature a few small departures from the book, most notably changing the original name of Orla to Beth, as well as changing the scene of the crime from Lisbon to Croatia.

The Weekend Away looks set to hopefully be one of the best thrillers on Netflix, especially considering the warm reception to the original book. The setup of a girl’s trip abroad gone wrong gives the story a nightmarish tense edge. It’ll be full of twists and turns, and if Leighton Meester’s previous work is to go by, enthralling acting. The trailer is available to view above, so give it a watch and be sure to mark down 4th March in your Netflix viewing calendars, which is when the film releases.


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