Surely you’ve seen Bridgerton by now? If not, think Jilly Cooper meets Pride & Prejudice. Its popularity thus far has earned it a place as the fifth biggest original Netflix series of all time (surpassing The Queen’s Gambit). It has been viewed in around 63 million households, and as a result, is unsurprisingly influencing everything from our style to our spouse-goals and the way we lick a spoon.

To give you the briefest of backgrounds, the show is Grey’s Anatomy producer Shonda Rhimes’ first series for Netflix, and is based on Julia Quinn’s popular book series. The tale explores the relationship between the Duke of Hastings (the devilishly handsome Regé-Jean Page) and Daphne Bridgerton (played by a doe-eyed Pheobe Dynevor), and as their on-screen affections developed, so did our love for puff sleeves, duelling gents, and period properties.

Now presuming 2021 will be the year of the wedding – we have to make up for all those missed in 2020 – we’re pretty sure these occasions will now be laced with debutant-worthy dresses, spoon-licking suitors and potentially a little light gossip and scandal. Bridgerton style is set to rule the party season and create as much of a flurry as Lady Whistledown’s letters. 

Whether you’re looking for bridal inspiration or want to be the best dressed guest, here are all the ways Bridgerton will be inspiring 2021’s wedding season…

1. Say Yes To Fancy Florals

Bridgerton tales place during 1813, it’s a flashy period piece full of fancy floral dresses. Costume designer Ellen Mironjnick was tasked with creating an entire wardrobe of 19th century pieces for the cast – apparently there were a whopping 7500 looks in total. It was the Featherington family that reliably brought all the crass and colour to formal occasions, though. And while you might not want to replicate their social status, there’s a lot you can take from their bright and floral style choices.  


2. Location, Location, Location

It was love at first sight when we clapped eyes on the wisteria-covered Georgian residence of the Bridgerton family – home to Lady Bridgerton, her four sons (Anthony, Benedict, Colin, and Gregory), and her four daughters (Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, and Hyacinth). Turns out, it sort of exists, too. The location is Ranger’s House, an art museum in Greenwich (London) which was built in 1722. Although for its debut in Bridgerton, they dressed the facade – most beautifully – in wisteria and ivy. If you’re looking for a venue to hire – pin this to your mood board. You can even enquire about hosting your own nuptials, here.

3. Do Daphne Style Dresses 

As the leading lady, Daphne is only just making her debut in society. Her style is alway flawlessly prim and proper. Hair sweetly half up half down when she’s in residence, and perfectly coiffed otherwise. Daphne’s wardrobe is made up of empire-line dresses in innocent pastels, and smattered with pretty jewels. The décolletage was considered the most elegant part of a woman’s body in this era, which is why hers is typically on show.

4. Top Off With Tiny Bangs 

While Normal People’s Daisy Edgar-Jones’ fuller ‘70s fringe ruled last year, this year, Daphne’s face-framing short bangs are set to take over. Whether they’re swept to the side, primly curled or simple and straight, this is Audrey Hepburn-style fringespiration at its best. Also, if you’ve attempted a DIY fringe trim at home and it comes up a little on the short side – you can just say it was deliberate and call it a Daphne.

5. Add Posh Hair Accessories

When Daphne Bridgerton was presented to the Queen for the first time, as a debutante, her flawless up do is delicately dressed in the family’s sparkling heirloom jewels. And From Queen Charlotte’s jewelled headbands to Marina Thompson’s signature floral decor – hair accessories proved a considered part of each lady’s wardrobe. That’s why we’re making them a mainstay part of our own this season, too.   

6. Try A Classic Waltz

It’s said that during rehearsals Regé-Jean Page and Pheobe Dynevor really bonded over the Waltz. With Page describing the dances as “the heart” of Bridgerton. The dance scenes are played out during lavish ballroom parties. He also said, “They are gorgeous, beautiful, romantic dances in the most incredible outlandish costume you can imagine, in great big old castles with fireworks going off in the background.” Sounds like the recipe for a perfect 2021 wedding party to us.

7. Don’t Commit The Ultimate Faux Pas

Forget getting drunk, spilling a drink on the bride, wearing white, or even being late, this year the ultimate wedding faux pas will be courtesy of the alcohol-fuelled bachelors attempting some Duke-like spoon licking – and losing their eligibility at the same time. Do not try this at home, or at a friend’s wedding. Yes, spooning has a new meaning, and no, we don’t need a demonstration.

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