The CBD Range Created By Two Sporting Stars

CBD: the buzzword on just about every wellness warrior’s lip right now is still having a moment since bursting onto the health scene a few years ago.

Known for its healing and calming properties, it can help everything from bad sleep to pain relief and anxiety, and if you’ve yet to try the wonder product this brand might make you sit up and get involved.

fourfivecbd was launched by two pro rugby players, Dominic Day and George Kruis, who were inspired to launch the brand after a combined 24 years in the rugby world.

With European tiles, Premiership trophies and even a Rugby World Cup under their belts, the duo have experienced some tremendous career highs, but, like all pro-athletes, they know what a life of rigorous physical training, pushing your body to the extreme and serious injury feels like – they’ve been under the surgeon’s knife no less than 12 times! And so a decade being at top of their game inspired a brand that’s now here to help others on their own fitness journeys.

The brand is 100% natural and although it’s been made by athletes for athletes, the power of its products will fit well into any person’s active lifestyle, whether you religiously attend HiiT, pound the pavements or are a yoga bunny.

The fourfivecbd range is vast with a product line to suit all lifestyles and needs.

For a more traditional and fast-acting product choose the CBD Oil tinctures and if you’re not keen on the hempy, natural taste of the oil, which is usually administered under the tongue, the handy CBD Capsules are a godsend that can be slipped into your daily supplements routine for a hearty but small, easy-to-swallow dose of the good stuff.

fourfivecbd founders Dominic Day and George Kruis

For days when you’ve pushed it too hard or come up against an unwanted injury, the fourfivecbd have developed a whole range of Topicals. Think soothing Muscle Rub or cooling Joint Gel and the classic CBD Balm which is perfect for popping in your gym bag to ensure any dry or cracked skin is cared for.

And finally, if you’re a fan of your morning vitamin seltzer, you’ll love the CBD Effervescent Multivitamin Tablets. Simply pop it in some water and you’ll have a liquid dose of 5mg of Broad Spectrum CBD plus a whole host of body-fuelling vitamins from calcium to magnesium, which is also a powerhouse when it comes to physical recovery.

CBD that’s created and used on bona fide pro-sportsmen? You don’t get a much better test than that.

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