Everybody is creative in different ways. Some people have loved embroidering their way through lockdown, while others have turned to creating music in amidst the panic. Us? We like to spend out time painting. Well, painting by numbers anyway…

Yep, we have too fallen into the Insta cycle of spending our free time perusing the web for cute paint by numbers kits and plodding the paint into the tiny numbers. If you too are looking to get your Van Gogh on, here’s 22 paint by numbers kits for you and the kiddies to enjoy.

Natural Designs

Steer away from your preconceptions that to paint by numbers it’s all about bright, eccentric colours and patterns and take a look at these natural, fern focused styles that’ll help add a bit of calm to your living room rather than frightening off your dinner party guests over Zoom.

Typo always has some great, affordable designs that come ready to hang with poster hangers, and Etsy is always bursting with adorably chic designs to add a burst of colour to your walls. From simple green leaved plants to camper van hillsides, here’s our favourite naturally wonderful finds.

Tip: You're likely to be given small pots with tiny amounts of thick paint so don't be scared to water down the paints that you've been provided with so that the paint lasts longer and it's easier to start coating your print.

Animal Designs

Art and animals go hand-in-hand. Take Damien Hirst’s Natural History series for example, or German painter, Franz Marc and his reoccurring animal spirit paintings. We love the flurry, sometimes scaly creatures so why not show off your love by painting one ?

You’ve probably seen everyone under the sun painting these rainbow coloured giraffe and frogs, so why not join in and have your own hanging up above your loo? Or, mix up the kids room with this adorable bunny set of three paintings.

We just love this American gothic dachshund paint by numbers kit. 


Portraits never looked so cool. Give portraits the 21st century facelift they deserve and paint everyone from renowned Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo to Sandy and Danny’s iconic You’re The One That I Want look from Grease.

For The Kids

Of course, painting by numbers is a perfect way to increase concentration and keep your brain active, so it’s a great activity for kids to get involved with too during their at-home art classes. Whatever the age there’s a style for all, from children’s classic The Gruffalo to Bambi-esque designs, rainbow dinosaurs to even a musical octopus in a sombrero. There’s a whole lot of fun to be had!

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