Netflix has got yet another strange true crime doc coming to its platform- Our Father has an exceedingly weird story behind it: a woman discovers that she has several dozen half siblings that she didn’t know about, all living not far from her.

The new documentary follows a spate of successes from Netflix, like The Puppet Master, Bad Vegan and The Tinder Swindler and is easily as odd and compels you to watch more. Its story is nightmarishly creepy, which makes the series all the more bingeable.

The show focuses on Jacoba Ballard, an American woman who uncovers the truth behind her sudden discovery of her half siblings. Netflix’s synopsis reads: “Jacoba Ballard was an only child, conceived via donor sperm, who always dreamed of having a brother or sister. An at-home DNA test led her to the discovery of not one but seven half-siblings – a number that defied best practices in fertility medicine.

The discovery that Ballard and several of her half-siblings makes is truly disturbing...

The discovery that Ballard and several of her half-siblings makes is truly disturbing: a fertility doctor had been inseminating patients without their consent not their knowledge, and his “dark web of deceit” as Netflix puts it runs even deeper than that. Ballard and the rest of the group attempt to find justice in the highly unsettling and violating case. The series features interviews with Ballard and others caught up in the life changing discovery, and one of the strangest stories in medical science.

The culprit in question, Dr Cline, was able to carry on with his nefarious deed for decades and slip under the radar, with hundreds affected. The story of the doctor from Indianapolis’ crimes broke back in 2016, and was covered in Atlantic magazine amongst others. As those in the documentary speak out about their ordeal, the recounting of the emerging realisation about what had happened will make for frightening, yet gripping TV.

Further disturbing about the series is that (and this may be a spoiler) Cline’s actions are not punishable as a crime by law in the United States, and the fact that he is still out there, apparently alive and not having faced consequences. Cline is also portrayed in the series in various reconstruction sequences by an actor, blending drama with documentary and making him an even more creepy, chilling figure.

The series will be arriving on Netflix in a few weeks on 11th May, allowing you to see the story unfold for yourself. Meanwhile, if you’re curious to read more about the story, you can check out the 2019 Atlantic article here. Our Father might be the most grotesque- yet engrossing- docuseries on Netflix.

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