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Readers of The Handbook will know that we’ve grown partial to delivery box during lockdown. Life is so much easier when everything just comes to your door. It used to be British Gas bills and threatening circulars from the TV Licensing people (come off it, we all know you don’t really have ‘a van’), but once lockdown started there were doorstep deliveries of cocktails, venison and loo roll, the three main ingredients for an awesome night in.

Of course we’re excited at the prospect of lockdown ending, we’ve a long list of restaurants we can’t wait to visit, holidays we want to book and people we’re desperate to see. But we hope that there are some things we carry back into ‘normal’ life, like working from home more, spending more time with partners and family and drinking significantly more than usual.

Meat – Farmison & Co

Exorcise dubious quality supermarket meat from your fridge, once you go for frenshly butchered quality meat then you won’t go back. Farmison & Co take the same approach to meat as sommeliers do to wine, placing maximum emphasis on great taste. Specialising in heritage breeds, the meats are sourced from ancient herds and the result is sumptuous.

They ship their boxes (go for the essentials boxes weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Fresh meat straight to your doorstep.

Italian Cooking – Casa Costa

A good news story coming out of lockdown is always welcome, and Casa Costa is just that; a fabulous new Italian fresh food delivery service that has opened in the midst of everything.

The bespoke delivery service just covers Chelsea, Fulham, South Kensington and Battersea but the venture from restaurateur Roberto Costa is a brilliant way to stay stocked up on meats, bread, cheese, pasta and sauces and even pre-mixed classic Italian cocktails!

As if that wasn’t enough of a draw, Handbook readers receive £10 off their first order!

Loo Roll – Who Gives A Crap

While the terror of coronavirus should’ve been way more acute, the great loo roll crisis of 2020 woke the nation up to the horror something else, running out of loo roll!

But there was oner group of people who were merrily wiping with scant regard for the brewing bog paper brouhaha, customers of Who Gives A Crap.

Set up a subscription and let the rolls roll in on a monthly basis.

Pasta – Pasta Evangelists

These guys genuinely are the Billy Graham of pasta! Pasta Evangelists deliver great quality pasta straight through your letterbox (albeit in packaging).

The result is fresh, restaurant quality pasta that can be ready in five minutes flat. Delivered across the UK, they’re still taking new customers and orders and each week reveal a new set of menu items to keep your pasta obsession in check.

Pasta Evangelists, alleluja!


Beer – Beer52

Beer today, beer tomorrow (or next week at least). Beer 52 is the go-to delivery company for bona fide beer snobs or for anyone who wants to learn, whether you’re after a hoppy pale ale, a crisp IPA or a rich stout. Get a curated beer delivery each week of the year (hence 52).

The team handpick beers from 40+ countries and have over 700 beers in the bank, plus, customers can earn points and rewards as they shop – you will literally earn points as you drink beer, what’s not to love?

Order a free crate, only with Th Handbook, visit

Cocktails – Moore House Cocktail Company

Lockdown might have closed the bars, but Moore House Cocktail Company just brought the bar to you.

Anyone in need of an Espresso Martini, Manhattan or a Classic Negroni could simply pop the stopper and pour out a perfectly mixed cocktail from one of their elegant bottles.

We can’t wait for bars to open again, but we’ll be keeping Moore House Cocktail Company very much on the books. Being able to impress visitors (once we’re actually allowed them) very much relies on their services!

Cocktails start from £8.50 for a single serving but we recommend the 250ml bottles that serve up three delicious tipples.

Flowers – Bloom & Wild

The mundane grind of WFH-ing every single day was relieved by one thing, the joy of fresh flowers.

However bad things are, being surrounded by beautiful blooms will make it a little better, and this is definitely a sentiment we intend to carry into post-lockdown.

Carefully wrapping every bud, Bloom & Wild’s delivery service is attentive and efficient and comes in letterbox-able packaging.

Coffee – Over Under

This one is close to our hearts because we are at Over Under every morning for our coffee in ‘normal times’ (they’ve a kiosk opposite Handbook HQ!). When your local disappears, it can be a wrench, which is why Over Under should be renamed Over & Above because that’s what they’ve gone to bring the Over Under experience right to our homes.

Order in freshly ground coffee straight from Over Under, along with their original granola, branded cups and bottles as well as gift cards.  Having gotten a taste for decent coffee at home, we’re going to keep ordering the stuff after lockdown.

FROM £9.50 A BAG

Bread – Bread Ahead

Borough Market bakers Bread Ahead are the rising stars of baking, and they’ve not let something like a global pandemic get in the way of that.

Instagram-perfect baking waits for no man, which is helpful when footfall is zero and so they’ve taken to deliveries., meaning you can enjoy their wholemeal wonders and sourdough hits at home. From brownies to brioches and millennial-fave sourdough, we’re banking on this continuing after lockdown!

Milkshakes – Jefferson’s

Forget private jets or diamond-encrusted anythings, milkshake to your door is the ultimate luxury!

Serving up the best milkshakes south of the Thames, once you’ve had a Jefferson’s, you’re hooked.

Their homemade ice cream is delicious, but pair it up with their famous milkshakes you’ve got yourself a lockdown treat to remember long after lockdown ends.

Pornstar Martinis – BoroughBox & Passoã

We’ve mastered the art of banana bread and sourdough starters (well, I haven’t, but…), yet one thing we’re still to figure out is the perfect cocktail. Luckily for us, Passoã and BoroughBox have joined forces to bring us Pornstar Martinis in a box.

The pack includes a bottle of Passoã, the base ingredient for the cocktail, plus bottles of vodka and  fizz, a serving glass, plus (essentially) sunglasses, t-shirt and a floral garland. Provide a fresh lime yourself and you’re all set…

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