Canadian Comedian Katherine Ryan has been lighting up our screens and sparking a trend or two with her new Netflix series, The Duchess.

Currently streaming, this coming-of-age story of modern parenthood stars a ceramics artist and ‘fashionably disruptive’ single mum – played by Katherine and named Katherine – who is navigating a complex relationship with her tween daughter, school-gate politics, an ex boy-band ex boyfriend (Irish) and her current squeeze – a very sensible English dentist. Needless to say, there is plenty of drama, and it scores high in satire as well as sartorial prowess.

In The Duchess, Ryan eschews the idea of a pitiable single mum in favour of one who is confident, smart-mouthed and admirably bolstered by an unapologetically glamorous wardrobe which includes feather-trimmed Daily Sleeper pyjamas as totally acceptable daywear. This, we salute.

Yet while Katherine’s on screen wardrobe has been garnering recognition across the globe for its heavyweight fashion credentials – it reads like the Selfridges brand directory with Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent and Givenchy all headlining. It’s her choice of on screen business Kiln ’Em Softly – for which she’s a ceramicist who makes ‘boob pots’ for the likes of Adele – that is really reigniting our passion for decor, art and accessories celebrating the female form.

Although it’s worth noting she does make a particularly good case for LF Markey’s boilersuits (the coral in particular) which feature as her go-to uniform while modelling ceramics in her plush North London abode.

Hips, boobs, bums and tums have always proved an inspiration to designers and artists alike.

Hips, boobs, bums and tums have always proved an inspiration to designers and artists alike, but thanks to The Duchess, they seem to be making a more contemporary comeback.

This modern take on nudity champions a clean, understated, more Scandi aesthetic, and the general boldness of it all this time around is also providing some much-needed, light interiors relief.

If you need further convincing, look at Paris-born, London-based designer Anissa Kermiche’s signature Love Handle vases – she’s already a firm Instagram and Influencer favourite. Alongside her derrière-shaped flower pots you’ll find a vase named Breast Friend, and a Jugs Jug as well as selection of voluptuous body-shaped candlestick holders.

Decorate your space with Annisa Kermiche's Body Candlesticks

Artist Venetia Berry’s drawings and paintings have also gained a cult following for her whimsical and dream like versions of beautifully abstract, nude female figures. Her work can be found at Matches Fashion and Partnership Editions. And French designer Laetitia Rouget of Shoopy Studio works with paint and ceramics in her Hackney home creating art and pottery celebrating themes like Bum Love. Her Social Distancing artworks were an instant sell-out, but there’s plenty more to be inspired by on her colourful e-shop and you can find key pieces hung on the walls of Rixo’s Chelsea flagship, too.

So, while you might be covering up in cosy cashmere knits this Autumn, allow yourself to be led by more uninhibited decor choices.

The female form is taking over the interiors world once again, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

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