The Eco Edit: Fruity Fashion, Reusable Toiletries & Eco-Conscious Kicks

By Courtney Loth | 14th March 2022

From reusable toiletries that actually work to Stella McCartney’s adorable sustainable kids fashion drop, we take a look at the best brands doing their thing with a conscious.

Stella McCartney Kids SS22

Brit designer Stella McCartney has long been at the forefront of sustainable, high-end fashion. This season, her childrenswear line is worth a shoutout just for the sheer cuteness of it all.

Floral motifs, vintage-esque denim, fruity prints and whimsical shapes make the collection the stuff of dreams. Granted, the collection is eye wateringly expensive for kidswear, but it’s intended to be passed down to siblings or cousins and the sizes are roomy so they will last. And as always the brand strives to create the most beautiful, desirable products with the least impact on our environment. Win win.

Clean Living Stainless Steel Soap

With a waste-free way to rid your hands of odours, this stainless steel soap is a sustainable steal. Created by eco-cleaning brand Clean Living, their innovative Stainless Steel soap promises to eliminate even the strongest of scents left after cooking, saving your hands from abrasive scrubbing and the planet from unnecessary waste.

Cold water is all that this cool product requires as the simple solution removes odour on the molecular level. Using science to create sustainable living solutions is something Clean Living founder Helen Bee is particularly passionate about, as noted by the synchronous rollout of her other planet-friendly products, such as Plastic Free Laundry Strips and a Biological Floor Cleaner.

With these products and more, Clean Living and their Stainless Steel Soap are setting a precedent to start cleaning with a conscience.

LAST Reusable Toiletries

If you’re tired of your trash bin filling up with one-use Q-tips, tissues, and cotton rounds, look no further than LAST Reusable Toiletries. Offering a line of reusable toiletry products, LAST will reduce both your waste and the number of toiletry errands you have to run.

They offer LastSwab, the first-ever, reusable cotton swab that lasts up to 1,000 uses, along with LastTissue, a 100% organic cotton tissue alternative. Their eco-friendly collection is also armed with LastRound, a washable set of seven cotton pads to offset their disposable counterpart.

By making the switch to LAST Reusable Toiletries, you’ll support making a lasting positive impact on the planet.

LPOL X Seraphina Neville Zero-Waste Art Drop

British design brand LPOL and abstract artist Seraphina Neville are collaborating to combat industry-wide overproduction patterns and reframing the importance of textile recycling in their new Zero Waste Art Drop.

Launching on Global Recycling Day (18th March), the collaborators are debuting 12 original collages made of surplus materials leftover from LPOL. Saving their small, scrap leather from landfills, each art piece has “subtle hints of its past,” according to artist Neville.

With designs inspired by the raw cutouts of their products, this artistic twist on sustainability gives old materials new life and makes for a one-of-a-kind, purposeful piece of art.


These colourful, eco-conscious kicks are bringing a sustainable ethos to working out. All of the shoes are made using sustainably sourced natural and recycled materials and the brand’s flock takes on a variety of styles, from shape to colourways, leaving your feet and your conscience comfortable.

From their carbon-neutral products to their 90% post-consumer recycled cardboard shoe boxes, Allbirds values sustainability from production to delivery, knowing that Mother Nature knows best. Company co-founder and native New Zealander Tim Brown has long praised the power of merino wool as a sustainable resource as he and co-founder Joey Zwillinger engineered a simple, never-seen-before sneaker.

Not to mention, they’re pretty cute too.

LOVE Shampoo Bar – Davines UK

Gone are the days of struggling to get that last bit of shampoo out of the bottle thanks to Davines and their LOVE Shampoo Bar. This alternative, waste-reduced take on shampoo is made of 97.4% biodegradable ingredients and is packaged in 100% recyclable wrapping paper.

While it may be daunting to part from your typical, plastic bottle of shampoo, all the product requires is water to mix into a liquid, shampoo lather. Beyond that, this hair product acts as a two-in-one as it combats frizzy hair and planet waste production at the same time.

We say it’s time to wash away your history using shampoo bottles and purchase this beneficial shampoo bar instead.


World Sleep Day takes place this Friday 19th March so if you’re in the market to catch some more ZZZs, use it as an opportunity. It’s also a great excuse to upgrade your sleeping situation and there’s no better brand to do that with than Bedfolk.

Their collection of bedding, pillows, robes and throws in the softest Portuguese linen is made using only the finest natural materials. Everything is weaved  responsibly without harmful chemicals or synthetics meaning you can wind down in style. Plus, no plastic packaging is used anywhere.

Ridiculously comfortable, stylish and sustainable – we love.

The products on this page have been selected by our editorial team, however, The Handbook may make a small commission on some products purchased through affiliate links.

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