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After a few solitary months stuck inside our one bedroom box apartments, for many, heading back to the daily grind has been a shock to the system. Being crammed into a stuffy, chockablock tube at the crack of dawn soon became our reality again, with our inboxes overflowing, landlines continually engaged and demands from our bosses looming over us once more. 

As London begins returning to its former hustling and bustling self and we settle into the ‘new normal’, it’s important to remember to check in with ourselves, see how we’re doing and give ourselves a little boost. That’s why we’ve joined forces with AVER, a wellness brand specialising in CBD products designed to return people to a state of balance in their hyper-connected city lives, to tell you about their exciting new energy drink.

Born out of a love-hate relationship with London life – something I’m sure we all feel at times – AVER has released a new energy drink, BOOST, packed full of naturally derived caffeine, natural de-stressors and CBD, and one that’s actually good for you.

The Handbook has teamed up with CBD specialists, AVER, to bring you an exclusive offer on your BOOST purchases. When you order any amount of AVER products, you’ll receive 20% off.* 

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Shop here to try BOOST out for yourself and read on to find out why we’re adding this CBD drink to our morning routine.

You won’t be left with the coffee jitters

One thing we all fall guilty of is consuming copious amounts of coffee, or worse energy drinks, to help us get through our working day. It’s an easy way to (at least) try and kick start your day, but it doesn’t come without its consequences. Often you’re left with a rush of anxiety, or ‘the jitters’, brought on from consuming too much, stomach upset (you know we’ve all been there), increased sugar intake and loss of sleep come nightfall. 

Simply by switching out your coffee or energy drink, for BOOST, you’ll still get that zap of energy you need but you’ll be reducing your caffeine intake dramatically. 

BOOST uses naturally derived caffeine. Where a regular cup of coffee uses roasted coffee beans, BOOST uses green, unroasted coffee beans that deliver considerably less caffeine and won’t leave you with that lingering bitter taste in your mouth. Your average coffee contains around 100mg of caffeine, whereas AVER’s new energy drink contains 38mg, enough to give you the lift you need, but won’t have you grinding your teeth at your desk. And, you won’t be left with that mid afternoon energy dip either, bonus.

It’s not packed with additives and bad sugars

Unlike other energy drinks, BOOST isn’t swarming with additives and bad sugars. It’s designed to provide a more balanced and subtle energy lift, containing only 2.3g of sugar. Instead it uses energy-yielding ingredients, including Vitamin C and ancient adaptogens, like Ginkgo Biloba, to help reduce fatigue and improve alertness. 

Plus, it won’t eat up your daily calories as there’s only 10 calories per can. A nice little added bonus.

It’s packed with CBD

CBD has become a bit of a millennial buzzword, helping to tackle anxiety, sleep and minor injury pain. 

AVER has worked incredibly hard to help eliminate the jittery feeling associated with high caffeine content by adding in 25mg of CBD into their canned beverage, plus L-Theanine, a natural de-stressor and powerful nootropic from green tea. Essentially you’ll still get the buzz you need to get through the day without the worries of anxiety creeping in. 

You’ll be able to enjoy living in the city again

Even if you’re a lover of city life, the hustle and bustle can get overwhelming at times. By removing coffee and energy drinks from your diet, and replacing them with BOOST, you won’t have to worry about that added pressure and anxiety from coffee.

Co-founder George Glaisher told us a little more about why he chose to quit his city job to start AVER, “I sometimes found myself having to leave the office – to go outside, to the loo or the stairwell, anywhere – just to catch my breath, slow down and stifle the anxiety of deadline pressures at work, triggered by the large cup of coffee I had on my way into the office that morning.”

Maybe the most important of all: it actually tastes good!

This one might seem obvious but who wants to drink something that tastes bad? BOOST will you give you that energising zing you need thanks to the natural caffeine, Vitamin C and CBD ingredients.

It’s fresh and fiery, flavoured with lemon, ginger and cayenne that helps to pack in that all important punch.

The Handbook has teamed up with CBD brand, AVER, to bring you an exclusive offer on your BOOST purchases. When you order any amount of AVER products, you’ll receive 20% off.* 

Get Offer: Simply use the discount code HANDBOOK20 at the checkout. Valid until 31/10/2020.

*T&Cs: The code can be used once per user and can’t be used in conjunction with other coupons.


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