The Famous DB Cooper Case Is Revisited With A New Netflix Documentary Series

The mysterious case of DB Cooper is one of the most famous, perplexing and fascinating unsolved mysteries of all time, and one that’s enthralled and frustrated amateur and professional sleuths alike for decades. Now, the high profile case is getting the Netflix true crime documentary treatment, and could be one of the streaming platform’s best.

DB Cooper: Where Are You? covers a case which, if you’re unfamiliar, dates back to the early 1970s, when a man using the alias Dan Cooper purchased an airline ticket and boarded a plane bound for the city of Seattle, Washington. The plane never arrived however: it was hijacked on the 24th November 1971 by a middle-aged man carrying with him a black briefcase. The man who had purchased a one way ticket claimed he had a bomb, managed to extort $200,000 (over a million in today’s money), and after asking to be flown to Mexico City, parachuted out the plane somewhere over Washington, and vanished.

The Dan Cooper name was changed to DB Cooper by a news transmission error, and the name stuck. The incredible story, the mystery of Cooper’s real identity and his mysterious black suited appearance all contributed to the case becoming hugely famous and theorised. It’s even been referenced and “solved” in shows like Prison Break, The Blacklist and Loki. Aside from its Scooby Doo like title, DB Cooper: Where Are You? aims to shed some new light on the case and present all the credible evidence in a coherent way, and point toward possible solutions.

The documentary is four parts in length, and the miniseries is partricuarly watchable because unlike some more grisly true crime docs, no-one was really directly harmed by Cooper’s exploits- other than the fact money was stolen. The miniseries goes through some of the suspects and theories surrounding the case with an eye on solving the strange case, as well as some of the more unlikely and outlandish theories- such as the idea that Cooper was a former intelligence operative. Pieces of evidence from the investigation, like Cooper’s tie, apparently strange metals found on his possessions and a small amount of the stolen cash are also examined.

The four parter is certainly worth a watch if you’re unfamiliar with the DB Cooper case, but even if you’re an amateur sleuth yourself and know the ins and outs of the disappearance, you can find a lot of entertainment in this new series.


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