The Gray Man Is Netflix’s New Star Studded Thriller

There’s a new spy thriller coming out from Netflix, with some pretty big names attached: The Gray Man stars Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling, Ana De Armas and Bridgerton’s Rege Jean Page, and is directed by The Russo Brothers.

Set to release in July, The Gray Man will have a cinema release across Britain, before eventually ending up on the streaming platform shortly. It’s based on a book by Mark Greaney, the first in a series that began in 2014, and you can expect plenty of tense espionage and mystery.

Gosling plays the freelance assassin and former CIA agent Court Gently, also known as The Gray Man. Up against him is Lloyd Hansen, who was a colleague of Gently at the CIA, and is played by Evans in the villain role- expect a pretty different character to Steve Rogers. Less is known about De Armas’ character, other than she’s called Agent Dani Miranda, while Jean-Page plays the bespectacled Carmichael. Also appearing is Billy Bob Thornton as Donald Fitzroy, and James Gandolfini.

The plot sees Gently pursued across the globe, with the film shooting in Prague, France and the Czech Republic among others. The official plot synopsis reads “The Gray Man is CIA operative Court Gentry, aka, Sierra Six. Plucked from a federal penitentiary and recruited by his handler, Donald Fitzroy, Gentry was once a highly-skilled, Agency-sanctioned merchant of death. But now the tables have turned and Six is the target, hunted across the globe by Lloyd Hansen, a former cohort at the CIA, who will stop at nothing to take him out. Agent Dani Miranda has his back. He’ll need it.”

Netflix is certainly throwing everything they’ve got at it (which is convenient given recent reports of financial trouble), including not just the star studded cast, Infinity War and Endgame directors Anthony and Joe Russo and a cinema release, but also a $200 million budget, rivalling only Red Notice as the most expensive film on the platform. Given the cast and source material, it’ll hopefully be one of the best original films Netflix has done.

There’s currently no trailer for the upcoming film, but considering the recent deluge of images and info about it, one is likely just around the corner. You’ll be able to see Gosling, Evans and co. when the film releases in cinemas on 15th July, and on Netflix on 22nd July.


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