The Hilarious New Netflix Legal Comedy That You Need To Watch

By Rufus Punt | 11th August 2022

We love legal shows here at The Handbook- which is why we’re excited that Netflix is launching a brand new comedy series set in the legal world called Partner Track. It’s set to arrive later this month on 26th August, and stars Arden Cho, perhaps best known for her role on Teen Wolf, in the main role.

Cho stars as central character Ingrid Yun, as she navigates the tricky track to end up as a partner at a prestigious law firm. Unsurprisingly however, there’s a lot of trials and tribulations to get through before being able to achieve her dream. A Korean American Woman and the first in her family in the legal profession, Ingrid faces prejudices and stereotypes on her way to the top, and the show, while a comedy, is set to tackle issues like race, privilege and sexism.

Of course, as you might expect in a workplace comedy, it’s not just her professional life that causes trouble for Ingrid, and there’s exploration of her personal life and romantic interests with will they won’t they subplots. The show’s synopsis explains that Ingrid “ battles through workplace challenges to break through the glass ceiling on her path to become partner. But will her drive and ambition leave room for love?”

The show also stars a supporting cast of actors like Bradley Gibson, (Power Book II: Ghost, Mozart in the Jungle) Roby Attal (Red 11, Messiah), Alexandra Turshen (Boy Meets Girl), Dominic Sherwood (Vampire Academy, Don’t Sleep), Rob Heaps (And Then There Were None), Nolan Gerald Funk (The Flight Attendant, Counterpart) and Matthew Rauch (Banshee, The Wolf of Wall Street).

It's a commentary on a 'woman of color learning to navigate the alien culture at a powerful global law firm'.

The upcoming series is based of a 2013 book, The Partner Track, by author Helen Wan. While the book is described as a take on the classic American Dream story, it’s also a commentary on a “woman of color learning to navigate the alien culture at a powerful global law firm.” and the difficulties she faces as she does so, according to Wan. You can watch the official trailer ahead of the 26th August release date, and get a better sense of the fun and romance of the show.


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