The Last One Sold Out In 7 Minutes: Pasta’s Hottest Popup Releases Next Batch Of Tickets Today…

Phil Howard is the hottest thing in pasta, apart from the spoon. The Michelin-starred Handbook fave and chef-owner at Elystan Street, surely had enough on his plate without going and running a series of Putney pasta pop-ups over the summer, but they’ve been incredibly popular.

So much so that after the last lot went on sale I received a frenzied WhatsApp from a friend desperate to get her hands on a ticket. Despite setting alarms and so on, they’d sold out in just seven minutes and she simply couldn’t get hold of any. And she’s related to the chef! But today these golden tickets to Willy Wonka and the Tagliotelli Factory are being released.

The popup, called OTTO (of which more in a moment), is held at the Flour+Water on Putney’s Lower Richmond Road and sees Howard team up with former Elystan colleague and future star Thomas Straker, and for two nights only in August when the pair will create a stunning six course tasting menu.

Today these golden tickets to Willy Wonka and the Tagliotelli Factory are being released...

The food is Mediterranean-influenced, pasta-heavy and utterly delicious. I’m still daydreaming about the crab and tomato not to mention the pork (yes I went and no I didn’t take the desperate friend, is that bad?).

The restaurant is sleek and cool, with a great covid-safe terrace, if that’s a concern, and excellent service. It’s also home to pasta delivery service OTTO (I said we’d come back to it).

He’s also got a side-hustle on: OTTO...

As if Phil Howard didn’t have his hands full to brimming running one of London’s best restaurants, judging high level cooking prizes and popping up at Flour+Water, he’s also got a side-hustle on: OTTO.

The tutonic sounding startup is a pasta delivery box that you should genuinely try out. Created in a kitchen tagged onto the rear of the Flour+Water, OTTO’s boxes come ready to put in the pan. They even come with a sachet of ‘pasta water’, which Phil Howard confessed to me ‘I was worried that would be a bit of a gimmick, but they really do make the difference’ (and I can confirm they do! the boxes are ace).

Go and check out the dining experience for yourself, you’ll love it and for £65 it’s a snip. And while you’re at it, order a box or two, they’re currently 25% off.

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