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The benefits of CBD seemingly know no boundaries, helping everyday concerns from anxiety and stress to bad sleep, pain to immunity. The superplant has even been cropping up in the beauty world, adding a bounty of benefits to our usual skincare products.

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If you’re looking for a natural way to soothe your aches, help you get a solid eight hours or something to simply help you unwind, you need to get on the CBD bandwagon, pronto and there’s now an online, dedicated space to all the products you could ever wish for.

Enter nabino, the digital retailer curating the greatest selection of physical and mental wellbeing brands from across the globe and sending them direct to you. The brand is on a mission to help you find your centre and so have handpicked a range of premium products branches beauty, sleep, sports, supplements, oils and more – it’s basically a 360 on all things CBD, and whether you’re completely new to the product or swear by it, there will be something for you.

We’ve edited out our favourite products from the range and highlighted the CBD-fuelled brands that are on every wellness warriors’ lips right now. Read on for our recommendations…

Vital Leaf

Founded by artisan chef and wellness educator, Christina Sasser, Vital Leaf is all about purpose-driven CBD that infuses the healing potential of hemp extract into their products.

And we’re big fans of said products, from their traditional drops to the easy-to-take capsules and even CBD-infused chocolate. If you’re not into the hempy, natural taste of CBD oils, Vital Leaf is game-changing thanks to it’s cornucopia of tasty treats and flavours. Definitely a brand to watch that’s flipping the lid on what you think you know about CBD.

Shop some of our favourites below.


Taking a more sophisticated approach to CBD than most, Evielab have created an innovative new way to consume the wonder plant. Compressed into mini pearl-like capsules, the range delivers increased bioavailability and the perfect dosage of 5mg fast.

Choose from a range  of eight different blends depending on your needs, from Sleep to stop you counting sheep to Intimacy that will help you under the covers in a different way.

Shop some of our favourites below.

Leef Organics

If skincare is more your bag, upgrade your bathroom shelf with Leef Organic’s 100% organic, clean beauty.

Ranging from soothing balms and perfect for on-the-go roll on, to luxurious face oils and natural soaps for all skin types, every Leef Organic product is hand harvested and made in the USA in the lush mountains of northern California.

The perfect addition to your beauty arsenal if you’re in need of a little me-time.

Shop some of our favourites below.


Merging premium Swiss formulas with seriously cool packaging, Kannaswiss CBD is going to upgrade your wellness shelf in an instant.

Created from organic cannabis from the Swiss highlands, ecologically farmed, lab processed and purified in their own facilities, the products are some of the best on the market, crafted using the latest in pharmaceutical science and equipment.

Think of the products as a welcomed addition to your usual supplements regime, with everything from the Daily A-Z Softgums to Daily CBD Booster Shots and a range of different grade oils depending on the strength you like.

Shop some of our favourites below.

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