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Whisky just got a makeover! It’s hard to imagine how a premium Scotch Whisky, made in partnership with David Beckham, could possibly get any cooler. Scientists said it couldn’t be done. But somehow Haig Club, the trend-setting Scotch whisky favoured by celebrities and connoisseurs the world over have managed to go one cooler.

Internationally acclaimed artist Remi Rough, one of the world’s best known graffiti and street art aficionados, has moved from painting his iconic imagery on the likes of Wembley Stadium to reimagining bottles of Haig Club in a limited edition tie-up between the artist and the brand. The drop is time limited and there are only a number of bottles available, making now the time to get your hands on one.

Bottles of Haig Club will now feature Remi Rough’s instantly recognisable abstract art work, daubed with bright colours including the intense neon pink that he’s best known for.

Bottles of Haig Club will now feature Remi Rough's instantly recognisable abstract art work...

And it’s not just your sitting room where his valuable art is featured. While abstract pieces by the artist sell for thousands of pounds at auction, his pieces can also be seen emblazoned across Paris, New York and even the steps of Wembley Stadium.

It’s not the first drop to team up with famous artists. Haig Club has previously teamed up with D*Face and Bradley Theodore, creating highly collectable bottles, but this colab, with Remi Rough, is the one we’re most excited about.

Of course let’s not forget that it’s what’s in the bottle that’s important. Luckily for us the award winning single grain Scotch enjoys a 400 year legacy of master distillers, being made at one of the most sustainable distilleries in the world in Cameronbridge.

The bottles, guaranteed to brighten up your 2021, are already collectors’ items and what’s more they look brilliant at home. Haig Club may be the brand that told us ‘Make your own rules’, but the first rule really has to be ‘get your hands on a bottle of Remi Rough designed Haig Club right now’!

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