The current rules around socialising in people’s gardens just took a bizarre turn, because now it’s not just your garden, your friends’ and families’ gardens but it’s also the Queen of England’s garden! Pack up the wicker, we’re off to Buckingham Palace.

For the first time ever, Her Majesty has yesterday signed off on a plan to allow the paying public to lounge around her grounds, waffling down sandwiches and scotch eggs and minding out for Prince Andrew. It’s certainly going to be a summer to remember.

The plan is also a smart money spinner for Her Maj. The family ‘firm’ will benefit doubly, as opening the gardens is an alternative to throwing open the doors of Buck House, as normally happens each summer.


The plan is also a smart money spinner for Her Maj...

According to a Royal Collection Trust spokesperson “We anticipate that social distancing will still be in place this summer and that visitor numbers to London will be low for some time yet due to the uncertainty around domestic and international travel. The costs incurred opening the palace to the public in the usual way would be far greater than the visitor admissions and retail income that we could expect.

“However, we are delighted to offer unique access to the Buckingham Palace garden this year as an alternative”

A traditional Palace tour ends with a brisk stroll past the lawn as you make your way to the gate and are tipped out onto Buckingham Palace Road. But in the absence of the actual Palace tour, it’s suddenly the entire point. And it’s famously something special.

Famous as the backdrop for royal garden parties and those pop concerts the royals went through a phase of throwing...

The gardens include far more than the manicured, if boring, lawn at the back, famous as the backdrop for royal garden parties and those pop concerts the royals went through a phase of throwing.

While the lawn will serve as picnic central, you’ll want to tour the rest of the gardens too.

But let's be honest, mainly we're here to chomp cheese and pickle and whack on the Bluetooth speaker on the Queen's lawn...

Guided tours will take tourists through the rose garden, summer house and the wildflower meadow, all normally off-limits to muggles.

The grounds, originally known as Goring Great Garden (hence the nearby hotel), were landscaped by Capability Brown, then when George IV transformed Buckingham House into Buckingham Palace the gardens were redesigned by William Townsend Alton.

Tours will take visitors past the Grand Lake (the island in the middle of the three and a half acre lake sports beehives), past plane  trees planted by and named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and over 1,000 trees which include a mulberry dating back to  James I’s time, and a 156-metre herbaceous border.

But let’s be honest, mainly we’re here to chomp cheese and pickle and whack out the Bluetooth speaker on the Queen’s lawn. The only question remaining is can you bring a football?

The gardens will be open from 9th July to 19th September and it’s £16.50 for an adult and £9 for a child.

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