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Who needs to know what the queen said over tea to Harold Wilson in the 1960s when you can enjoy Harry and Meghan in the flesh? Get in the sea, The Crown, Netflix has a new queen…

The erstwhile royal couple have recently flown the gilded cage that is their newly taxpayer refurbed Windsor ‘cottage’ in a bid to escape media intrusion into their lives. And as part of this process, the intensely private and modest couple have just signed an estimated $150m deal with Netflix to bring the minutiae of their personal lives right into 190 million living rooms.

Back when it seemed like the story of 2020 would be Megxit, the hasty departure of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, we were told that the royal couple (and baby Archie) wanted to live a peaceful life on the shore of a far-flung Canadian lake, far from the prying lenses of the British paparazzi.

But after whack-a-moling in LA they began their media career in April as Meghan narrated a Disney programme on elephants (the biggest elephant in the room presumably being Harry’s apparent pitch on his wife’s behalf to Disney chairman Bob Iger at last year’s Lion King premier).

As Meghan now attempts to wrestle the media narrative back from coronavirus, Netflix has stepped in to help fund their LA lifestyle.

$14.7m house in California

So what can we expect from their ex-RHs? ‘Content’ apparently. The couple have so far only committed to ‘content that gives hope’ and ‘inspirational family content’. It’s unclear if we’re looking at the new Goop (please no, we’re still recovering after the sex episode) or the more upmarket Obama approach. We only know, thanks to reporting by the New York Times, that they have founded an as yet unnamed production firm to make documentaries, feature films, scripted shows and children’s programming. Which sounds pretty generic and broad.

But for the big bucks and maximum exposure, which seems to be their bag, we’d probably expect to see a  lot of Harry and Meghan facetime and a handful of royal indiscretions.

We'd probably expect to see a  lot of Harry and Meghan facetime and a handful of royal indiscretions...

There’s no release date just yet, but if elephant documentaries aren’t your bag and you want a preview, then you can get your Harry fix by tuning into Rising Phoenix, a Netflix documentary about the Paralympic Games which is both inspirational and casts Harry in the more positive light we were used to before things went and got a bit show-biz.

Either way, we suspect Her Majesty will be seriously unimpressed. Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex will surely want to watch every episode on their weekly Netflix date…