If there’s two things you probably wouldn’t associate with each other in a word association game, it’s “Shakespeare” and “Tik Tok”.

The idea conjures up an image of the world’s favourite bard dancing in a vertically filmed 7 second video while lip syncing to dialogue from Mean Girls. But Shakespeare and Tik Tok is exactly what a new initiative from the Royal Shakespeare Company is bringing.

The world famous theatre company is partnering with the social media giant to help bring Shakespeare to, you guessed it, the youth. Gen Z compromises probably the largest chunk of TikTok’s install base, and the company wants to take advantage of this to help make the writings of old Bill more accessible to all. Everyone knows that theatre tickets aren’t exactly cheap these days, and the RSC wants to remove this barrier.

14-25 year olds can book up to two tickets for only £10 for the upcoming season, with a cheaper rate of £5 for previews. There’s also a reduction in prices for school groups and students, to make sure everyone gets onboard the Bard Bonaza. You don’t even need an app or anything, Tik Tok has been brought in purely for advertising and funding purposes.

Later in the year and in the future, the RSC will be producing content for the platform, so you can make your own mashups of Romeo and Juliet, Twelth Night, Macbeth and more (or at least, we hope.) And before anyone grumbles about new fangled technology, Shakespeare plays have been adapted into pretty much every medium out there- so why not bring him to one of the world’s biggest apps?

Commenting on the new collaboration, the RSC said they hoped to “inspire the next generation of theatre audiences… the RSC and TikTok want to support young people to develop their love of theatre and live performance, and that’s why we’ve teamed up to create an exclusive ticket offer just for you.” The ticket discount also includes West End show Matilda The Musical, if you really don’t want to watch Shakespeare.

The RSC and TikTok’s new collaboration is great timing considering that things are all opening up again after so long, and the hard hit theatre industry could certainly do with some income. There’s nothing else quite like a Shakespeare play, and at least out of all the plays that come in and out of vogue, you’re assured to get good writing! Oh, and it’s also usually much better to watch Shakespeare out of your own choice- rather than being made to at school and banging your head on the desk at the millionth mention of “iambic pentameter.” It’s really quite simple to get a ticket: just go to their website and find “Tik Tok £10 Tickets” under the membership and support section, and then add them to basket. Of course, you do need to be the correct age to be eligible. More news and info will be available on the RSC site in the near future.

All the world’s a stage…


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