We all dream about achieving our ‘five minutes of fame’. From solving the missing clues in a crime scene and having your heroic name splattered across the local paper, tripping purposely and making fifty quid by sending your video into You’ve Been Framed or your terrible dance routine going viral on TikTok, it’s something we’re all on the hunt to achieving. And right now, mochi is having its moment. 

If, like us, you’ve fallen down the TikTok rabbit hole and have grown far too attached to the video sharing app and all of its bizarreness, then you’ll have noticed that mochi is blowing up. Like, really, really big. And it’s all thanks to Gen Z.

A few months back Gen Z found out about the popular Japanese delicacy thanks to the mochi brand, Little Moons. Frozen and fruity, TikTokers became obsessed with the little chewy balls of ice cream. And since then, mochi has grown in popularity, with supermarket shelves everywhere left empty… But, if you’re yet to try out the craze or you’re looking to add another level to mochi’s popularity, then fear not because the UK is getting its first ever dedicated mochi bar and it arrived in London last week! 

Japan Centre, one of the largest and most influential Japanese food halls in Europe, launched the UK’s first fully dedicated Mochi Bar, bringing with it a wide and exciting selection of mochi treats to satisfy the increasing demand for the authentic Japanese rice cake treat.

Located within Japan Centre’s flagship food hall in Leicester Square, the Mochi Bar will boast a tasty array of treats, all of which are baked fresh daily in the Japanese bakery. 

On offer will, of course, be Mochi Ice Cream. These bite sized balls are filled with a variety of ice cream flavours and wrapped in a soft and chewy mochi coating. But raising your mochi obsession even further will be their baked goods. 

Raising your mochi obsession even further will be their baked goods...

There’ll be Mochi Donuts Pon de Ring, made with Japanese mochiko rice flour and available in a selection of flavours. Think milk choco, matcha choco and sakura cherry blossom, all great for tearing and sharing. Mochi Cookies will be baked fresh throughout the day. These are soft and filled with mochi bites.

You’ll also find Mochi Daifuku, a chewy mochi that’s filled with a sweet adzuki red bean centre, Mochi Pan Bread filled with parmesan and cheddar cheese for a savoury hit and Mochi Dango, skewered mochi rice balls covered in a sweet traditional Japanese sauce.  

Pair your mochi treats with a refreshing bubble tea abrim with tapioca pearls. Expect milky flavours and fruity combinations.

The Mochi Bar will be open Sunday – Friday 11:00am – 8:00pm, and Saturday 11:00am – 9:00pm


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