“Hello”, “Hi”, “Hey”… no thanks.

If you’ve ever used a dating app, you’ll know what it’s like for someone to pop-up with a message that just says hi. It doesn’t exactly inspire much romance, so why are people still starting conversations on dating apps in such a boring way? 

It’s time for a chat-up line renaissance.

Dating app Inner Circle is stepping up to the challenge, but not in the way you’d expect. They spoke to single people and found the majority (91%) feel the quality of a first message on a dating app is vital for deciding if they should reply, yet, the same amount of singles have also sent just a boring ‘hey’ as a first message.

Do you like bagels? Yeah. Well you’re bae-goals.

This is where Inner Circle comes in. They’ve pledged to help their users out, by auto-correcting every first message that reads just hey/hi/hello. Instead, they’ll swap it for a funny or whacky pick-up line, increasing their users’ chances of getting a reply. It might seem bold, but when you think about how often people send these meaningless messages, it makes sense for them to step in. 

If you don’t know Inner Circle, it’s the dating app for people who are serious about dating. Each new member is verified by a team of experts, who check that everyone is who they say they are, while at the same time offering helpful tips for having a successful profile. So if your profile picture is blurry or unclear, they’ll suggest you swap it for one that really shows your best side. It’s all part of their mission to challenge users to up their dating game, which explains why they’re asking you to try more than ‘hi’.

Give the new feature a try, at the very least it sounds hilarious. Sign up for Inner Circle here and prepare to send some impressive one-liners. 

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