Hot on the heels of Grease, another crowd favourite musical is getting a new revival in London. This time, it’s the lawyer comedy Legally Blonde which is getting a makeover, and its running in London from 24th June -2nd July 2022

The new production, directed by Six creator Lucy Moss, will be staged at Regent’s Park’s Open Air Theatre. One of the biggest and most popular theatres in London, the Open Air Theatre has staged plenty of popular musicals over the years, so it should be a treat. It’ll be staged in the summer of next year, so you don’t need to worry about being freezing (nor rained on, hopefully) whilst you’re enjoying all of your favourite songs.

For those of you who’ve missed the comedy sensation, Legally Blonde is a musical based on a film based on a book. However, it gets a bit confusing: the film came out in 2001, but the book wasn’t officially published until 2003. This is because the novel’s manuscript was rejected by publishers until it was found by film studios, who scrambled to win it before MGM came out as the highest bidder. After the film’s success, it was adapted into a stage musical in 2007.

Legally Blonde’s story sees Elle Woods, a sorority girl, enrol at Harvard University (Stanford in the novel) in order to study law and win the affection of ex-boyfriend Warner Huntington III, whilst battling the stereotypes associated with being a blonde. Woods, brought to life by Reese Witherspoon in the film, is famous for wearing pink, having a bubbly personality, carrying her chihuahua Bruiser everywhere, and being named after Elle magazine.

The new revival will feature all the audience favourite songs from the original like “Omigod You Guys” “Ireland” and “Legally Blonde”. Details on staging are thin on the ground, but considering director Lucy Moss’ previous work Six was loud, snappy and explosively energetic, you can likely expect more of the same here. The Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre will add that extra spark in a beautiful setting, and given past iconoclastic musical revivals there, Legally Blonde should feel like it’s been truly reinvented, whilst maintaining what made a hit in the first place.

The new revival will feature all the audience favourite songs from the original...

Casting details for the show have still not been announced. In the original West End production, Elle was played by acclaimed actress Sheridan Smith, who already had plenty of star power to generate buzz. Perhaps this new production will seize on another star growing in prominence, or maybe they’ll let a more unknown actor have a chance to make a splash.

The theatre is now approaching its 90th year of operation, and will hopefully prosper after two years of the pandemic. It was the first theatre venue to reopen in the summer, and after Legally Blonde, it’ll stage the repeatedly delayed new musical 101 Dalmatians, which will have its world premiere in July. Following that, the season will close with a production of the famed Ancient Greek play Antigone.

If you're looking for a joyous and fun way to spend an evening... ...Legally Blonde is certainly a great pick...

Legally Blonde’s new production will only be staged at the Open Air Theatre for seven weeks, but perhaps it’ll end up moving back to the West End after the run’s conclusion. For now though, if you’re looking for a joyous and fun way to spend an evening next summer, escaping the world with an uplifting musical, then Legally Blonde is certainly a great pick.


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