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Having a rough week? Need an escape from all of the festivities taking over London? A new colourful installation has landed in London and you’ll be glad to know there’s not a sprig of holly in sight… 

The festive season in London is full on and sometimes it can all get a bit too much. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all or you just need a bit of cheering up, head down to NOW Gallery this weekend to catch the most colourful installation in the city right now. And no, there’ll be no Christmas surprises lurking either… 

From 19th November until 6th March 2022, set designer, multidisciplinary artist and world-builder Lydia Chan will be transforming the curving facades of NOW Gallery into a vibrant fantasy world.

© Charles Emerson
© Charles Emerson

Titled Your Ship Has Landed, the installation is bursting with vivid colours, from fluorescent pinks and purples to neon greens, blues and yellows. Chan’s work has reinvented nature as a foreign planet, incorporating AR technology and alien motifs, and bridged the gap between our digital lifestyle and our renewed experience of the natural world. 

Free to roam, art lovers and colour fiends are invited to explore this new take on nature through the goggles of the artificial, taking a look at how the isolation period spent in our homes has allowed the natural world to become unfamiliar to us. Similar to how space explorers feel when treading on a foreign planet, away from familiarities. 

© Charles Emerson
© Charles Emerson

Science fiction comes into play in the installation too. Chan has collaborated with digital artists Songyee Kim and Thibault Evrard to create an AR experience inside Your Ship Has Landed. Visitors are encouraged to install the filter, hold up their phone and allow themselves to be transported to a totally different world. 

This new installation is the eighth segment in NOW Gallery’s ongoing Design Commission, and sees Chan follow on from previous contributors including Emmanuelle Moureaux, Camille Walala, Fred Butler and Studio Morison. Since 2014, the Greenwich Peninsula gallery has become home to some of London’s most intricate and interesting cutting-edge installations from some of the biggest contemporary names in fashion, design and art. 

Your Ship Has Landed allows Londoners to step outside their comfort zone, journey to the unknown and escape the pressures of the festive season, even if for only a short period of time. 

Lydia Chan’s Your Ship Has Landed will be on display from 19th November 201 to 6th March 2022. 

NOW Gallery, The Gateway Pavilions, Peninsula Square, Greenwich Peninsula, London, SE10 0SQ


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