Remember all the way back in lockdown 1.0 when banana bread was of steady supply, pyjama work-from-home days hit the spot and there was a loo paper shortage? Thankfully we’ve waved goodbye to all three of those, but there’s one thing that the outbreak of the pandemic back in March 2020 brought with it that’s still managing to kick around, and it’s chat about Netflix’s global documentary success, Tiger King. 

Back in March 2020, you couldn’t escape talk of Eric Goode’s eight-part series that delved into the exotic animal craze that’s taken over America. Released just on the cusp of the first lockdown that spread across the globe, everyone’s Whatsapp groups were popping, social channels were taken over by Joe Exotic memes and quotes from the documentary series would come up in every Zoom conversation – and let’s not even start on the endless virtual parties where everyone dressed up as Tiger King… 

And now, 20 months after the release of the first series (and even a Louis Theroux documentary later), Netflix is set to release a new series dedicated to the Tiger King – aka Joe Exotic – and all of the wild characters associated with the big cat industry. 

Want to relive all of the mayhem and chaos that the true-life story entails? Read on to find out everything we know about the new series, Tiger King 2.

Can we have a quick recap?

Let’s take it back to the start… Back in March 2020, Netflix released a new documentary series, Tiger King: Number, Mayhem and Madness. Directed by Eric Goode, the series deep dived into the world of Joseph Maldonado-Passage – more commonly known as Joe Exotic, the owner of Greater Wynnewood Extoic Animal Park. It explored his role in the big cat industry that’s taken America by storm – and the issues and exploitation that come from it all.

We were able to see real-life insider accounts of what it’s like working on big cat zoos, from workers through to Joe’s personal experiences. As well as this, we met other colourful characters, including Carole Baskin, a big cat rights activist and owner of Big Cat Rescue, an animal sanctuary in Florida. Let’s not forget the major tipping point of the show: Joe Exotic despises Carole, producing invoking videos and was sentenced to imprisonment for plotting to kill her. As well as this, Joe is now in prison for several animal exploitation and violation issues too. 

The series was unlike any other documentary aired on Netflix, igniting a huge global audience, each with their own theories on the characters in the show. It’s worth mentioning that Netflix also released a follow-up episode, where comedian Joel McHale interviewed several of the characters that popped up throughout the series bringing the total of episodes up to eight.

What will the new series touch upon?

Season one unpacked a lot… So fans of the show are rightly wondering what is left to discover about the exotic animal industry in America and the characters we met. But Netflix has promised that the new season will pick up from where the first eight episodes left off.  

Netflix has promised that the new season will pick up from where the first eight episodes left off. 

We can expect even more chaos and mayhem to erupt, from interviews with Joe from his prison cell to conversations with Jeff Lowe, Joe’s ex-business partner-turned-enemy and now owner of the G.W Zoo. There’ll also be chats with other former staff members from the original series and potentially even new clips of Carole Baskin and her husband, Howard. Fans of Joe have expressed interest in learning more about Baskin and the peculiar disappearance of her ex-husband, Don Lewis.

There’s also been hints that a deep dive investigation into the group of campaigners who support Joe and are petitioning for his prison release.

News has spread that Carole Baskin is ‘suing Netflix’ over Tiger King 2.

Will all of the ‘characters’ return?

As Joe’s serving a prison sentence, audiences can expect phone interviews with the Tiger King this season, rather than in person chats. 

We are also expecting to see Carole and Howard Baskin pop up, although news has quickly spread that the married couple are supposedly ‘suing Netflix’ due to the use of ‘unauthorized’ footage of Carole. But it seems that the Court is letting it slide as there doesn’t seem any immediate harm caused. 


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Other faces from the original series seem to be making their way back into the spotlight too according to the new trailer released and it seems likely that we’ll have a deeper understanding of what might have happened to Baskin’s ex-husband, Don, with interviews with people who seem to know more…

When can we watch it?

Tiger King 2 will scratch to the surface sooner than you think. Expect it to be landing onto the giant streaming service on Wednesday 17th November. 

Is there a trailer?

Yep! Netflix just realised a whopper of a trailer spilling all on the new series. Catch it below before devouring the five-part series later this month.

Tiger King 2 arrives on Netflix on Wednesday 17th November

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