There’s nothing quite like the start of beginning of a season to inspire home improvements and give you a stronger sense of what you’d like to be surrounded by. Now is the time to happy-proof your home. Wallpaper is currently experiencing a renaissance, it’s user-friendly and has transformative powers. Read on for the trends and brands you need to know about now.

There’s something about wallpaper that can feel quite dated. Remember the embossed styles and damask prints of the ‘90s. Remember novelty wallpaper borders? Throw in window valances and word art and it all just got a bit naff. Which is when we fell out love with idea of wallpaper all together.

Now though, thanks to the creative minds of a slew of key designers, and the effervescent oversharing Instagram enables, wallpaper is back at the forefront of our interiors agenda.

With brands and stylists sharing their insider tips on social media, there’s never been a better time to add a beautiful backdrop to your room by way of colour and print.

There’s also endless styling possibilities. London-based author and influencer Katherine Ormerod is currently offering a blow-by-blow on Instagram on how a relatively cheap  peel and stick design from Etsy can update a rented space. Her practical tips are a game changer. Or, for more heritage inspiration, Louise Roe‘s feed will have you pining for period property dressed in William Morris florals. So whether you hit the high street for a quick fix or want a well-considered investment from a luxury or independent brand – there’s something for everyone here.

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Capri Lemon print £93 per roll,  Barneby Gates

With so much to chose from, we’ve created an edit of our favourite looks below. There’s garden greens and contemporary print – which style tribe are you?

Flora & Fauna 

Obviously we’re all spending more time at home, and the idea of creating a retreat that brings elements of the outdoors in, is instantly calming. Shades of green are naturally taking centre stage here. But rather than huge palm leaves and busy jungle scenes, the styles we’re seeing are far more classic and sophisticated. The timeless charm of Colefax & Fowler’s reimagined. ginkgo leaf (pictured below) on  repeat for example. Imagine waking to the sound of bird song surrounded by that kind of serene greenery. 

Svenskt TennWallpaper Klöverblad

Price: 130 SEK per roll

Antoinette PoissonBaies

Price: €150 per metre

Morris & CoScroll, Loden / Slate

Price: £73 per metre

Morris & CoArbutus Wallpaper, Thyme/Coral

Price: £79 per metre

"Colefax & Fowler's Greeancre print would get you a nod of approval from in-the-know interiors peeps. This pretty fan-like leaves are a perfect way to bring a bit of the outdoors in."

Greenacre wallpaper, £115 per metre at

Retro Prints 

The interior design trends of the ’60s and ’70s are so distinctive – this is when people really pushed the boundaries with print and colour. That said, there’s nothing garish about their reincarnation. The delicate but plentiful use of colour and art deco designs give all the below prints an instant err of sophistication. Designer Ottoline De Vries has been a firm favourite over the past year, with her creations dressing the walls of influencers and fellow interiors aficionados. Inspired by nature, geometry and architecture, her contemporary designs are very much having a moment.  

Antoinette PoissonWallpaper 53 Oeillets

Price: €150 per roll

Paint & Paper LibraryQuartrefoil - Barbican

Price: £111 per roll

Scion Lohko Vector Wallpaper, Mist 111303

Price: £60 per metre

Terence ConranOsterlen Hexagon Wallpaper

Price: £69.99. per metre

"Molly Mahon creates the most beautiful block-printed fabrics and wallpapers. You're likely to have spied her signature patterns on Instagram, too."

Fern Wallapaper in Mustard, £140  per roll at

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