Remember, remember the… 20th of May? Despite being 5 months before Guy Fawkes Night, the Tower Vaults at the Tower of London is staging a brand new immersive show about Fawkes called The Gunpowder Plot Experience on the 20th of May. It’ll tell the story of the infamous 1605 plot to blow up parliament by anti Parliament conspirators, including of course Guy Fawkes himself.

While the story of Guy Fawkes is one we all know- the plot was discovered and thwarted and Guy hanged for treason- this new show aims to fill in the gaps and give a whole new perspective to the famous plot that we remember every year.

The star draw of the show is Tom Felton, the Harry Potter alumni who’ll be donning the signature hat and beard of Fawkes as he plots and schemes his way to British infamy. Who better than Malfoy himself to portrary Britain’s most famous conspirator? The performance will also be fully immersive, with the novelty putting you in the heart of the action in a 360 degree performing space, and the show will blend both live and virtual actors. Other cast members include Gary Beadle, Taqi Nazeer, Michelle Asante and Ash Rizi, all of whom will appear digitally.

Who better than Malfoy himself to portrary Britain’s most famous conspirator?

The show’s mix of real and virtual is certainly an interesting concept and novelty, but it seems like it could make things even more immersive in the world of the 1600s. You’ll be able to Don a virtual reality headset and take a trip down the Thames by (virtual) boat, and explore the Houses of Parliament and Tower of London as the events of Fawkes’ story are told and re-enacted.

If you need more convincing, Felton himself has commented “I’m very excited to be playing a character so famous (and infamous!) for being at the centre of the most famous conspiracy plot in UK history. Guy Fawkes is a fascinating character with a complex history and with passionate advocates and detractors then and now. To be able to bring the character to life through Virtual Reality, and to allow him to interact with audiences in a way that has never been done before, is thrilling.”

Meanwhile, writer Danny Robbins said “We want it to feel like somebody made a movie version of the Gunpowder Plot and it came to life around you and exploded in your face with bits of Jacobean London flying at you. This is a story about activism. It’s about trying to change the world but then realising that you’re doing it the wrong way.” The concept certainly sounds quite off the wall, but The Gunpowder Plot Experience looks to be an unmissable attraction this year, especially with the draw of Tom Felton leading the cast. It opens on 2oth May, and tickets are available to book now.


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