Dirty Gertie, Winnie the Pooh, one little duck… this isn’t some strange picnic we’re talking about. This is bingo. You might already be acquainted with bingo’s renaissance and if not, well, you’re in for a big surprise. Venues around London are pouring champagne and cocktails by the bucket load, as people take up their dabbers to win ridiculous prizes.

From live dancers to the chance to take home Henry the Hoover (yes, he’s quite the catch these days), there’s a brilliantly bizarre array of night’s livening up the old town hall favourite. Brace yourself, this isn’t quite like anything you’ve experienced before.

1. Hip Hop Bingo

Bingo just got a remix – welcome to RnB Bingo! Hosted by Grandma Flash and the Bingo crew, RnB Bingo involves a night of dance-offs, lip sync battles and an awesome RnB soundtrack, as well as some pretty hectic bingo. Ping-ponging between Regent Park’s 229 London and Camden’s Electric Ballroom, this is bingo like you’ve never seen. Or heard.

Website: www.hiphopbingo.com

2. Bingo Bottomless Brunch

Think bottomless brunch is the best? Then you’ve not done bottomless brunch with bingo. And you’ve almost certainly not done it with Tizzy Von Tassel, one half of the Dream Gals. This fizzy bottomless brunch lets you join the somewhat extraordinary professional mayhem maker and comedy cabaret star Tizzy as she runs an afternoon of bingo, with plenty of Prosecco and hilarity.

Where: 136 Battersea High Street, Battersea, SW11 3JR
Website: www.candlemaker.pub

3. Musical Bingo

So it’s LIKE bingo, but it’s better. Because it’s with songs. So rather than calling out numbers, they play songs. And each round involves different song themes, be it a decade, a genre or just a random topic that you’ll have to figure out. Found at various locations across London, two DJs spin the decks and an evening of hilarity and musical fun is pretty much guaranteed.

Website: www.musicalbingo.co.uk

4. Hijingo Bingo

So you think you’ve tried all sorts of bingo? think again. Hijingo is bringing the future of bingo. They’ll be live entertainment, lightning (yes, the indoor kind), drama, video, music, sound explosions, flashing lights, drama… you’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole night. What’s more, there will be Asian street food dishes and classic cocktails with a twist. We’re talking bao buns, classic burgers, slushy drinks, and craft beer.

Where: 90 Worship Street, Liverpool Street, EC2A 2BA
Website: www.hijingo.com

5. Bubbles and Bingo

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles. Taking place at Brixton’s Cattivo Bar, Bubbles and Bingo includes musical rounds, silly games and prizes. Part quiz, part bingo, part knees-up, part champagne, you know you’re in for a good night. And if you do well, you might get even more bubbles…

Where: 207 Ferndale Road, Brixton, SW9 8BA
Website: www.cattivobar.com

6. Dabber’s Bingo

Taking place in Britain’s first purpose built contemporary bingo hall, Dabbers is (normally) open seven days a week and pulls in some of the country’s best comedians, performers and musicians for evenings of hilarity and bingo fun. Yes, if you actually want to play some traditional fast-paced bingo of the traditional sort, then they can do that too, but we’re drawn to the more esoteric, like Jackpot Bingo or the Dabbers Brunch Club.

Where: 18-22 Houndsditch, The City, EC3A 7DB
Website: www.dabbers.bingo

7. Bongo’s Bingo 

From Sheffield to Margate, Bongo’s Bingo is on the road delivering absolute mayhem and madness. Their route includes London Bridge and Clapham, so don’t worry, you can get your bingo fix. Get ready for a crazy mix of dance-offs, mini raves, audience participation (yup, this is not for the faint-hearted) and outlandish prizes, from giant pink unicorns to Henry the Hoover. You really don’t want to miss this one.

Website: www.bongosbingo.co.uk

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