As if, a day after the most significant England defeat since the last one, things couldn’t get any worse, brace yourself… Marmite is now on tap at a pub in Camden.

Lockdown forced yeast production down to historic low levels, with all the pubs closed the demand for brewers’ yeast went through the floor but, as this is a key ingredient of like-it-or-loathe-it sandwich spread Marmite, the production of Marmite also plummeted with bottles of the stuff in high demand as #MarmiteShortage trended on social media.

Earlier this year, at the height of lockdown, a Unilever spokesman said: “As pubs and hospitality begin to open up once more, we expect the full range of jars to be back on supermarket shelves over the coming months.”

With bottles of the stuff in high demand as #MarmiteShortage trended on social media...

But now the makers have gone one further. It’s on tap in your local (if your local is The Horseshoe Pub in Camden). And it’s free!

The pub will unveil the special Marmite pump this Wednesday, before rapidly veiling it again at closing time as it’s for one day only.

The Horseshoe will offer punters the chance to enjoy a jar of freshly pulled Marmite entirely free. All you need to do is head to Camden.

The fun police at Marmite HQ have stressed that no BYO jars are allowed...

The brand has provided 100 free jars (the fun police at Marmite HQ have stressed that no BYO jars are allowed, even though this would make for a much better, and more sustainable, event), and just 100 lucky Marmite lovers (or haters) will be able to watch as the barmaid oozes the stuff into the jar before their very eyes.

It’s unclear what the brand will do with the pump after the day, but presumably it will now go on tour. The purpose, if there’s one other than the PR game of getting schmucks like me to write about it and you to read it, is to promote the link between brewers and Marmite.

According to Marmite brand manager Sophie Allan, “Many of us breathed a sigh of relief when the pubs reopened again, and at Marmite we had double the cause for celebration as the nation’s favourite toast-topper is so intrinsically linked with the brewing industry. To celebrate the pulling of taps once more, we want to offer some lucky lovers (or haters) the chance to fill their boots – or jars – with the black stuff. It’s the yeast we could do after the year we’ve all had.”

And with that pun ringing in your ears, all that’s left is to spend more on an underground ticket than the cost of a jar of Marmite, and head to Camden Town…

The free Marmite is available at The Horseshoe in Camden, at 28 Heath Street, Camden, NW3 6TE on Wednesday 14th July and is available, for free, on a first-come-first-served basis.

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