UGG Launch Their First Sustainable Collection Designed To Make You Feel Good

19th March 2021

In partnership with UGG®

Fashion’s favourite shoe brand makes a return for 2021 with a timely sustainable upgrade. 

All of the biggest fashion trends are cyclical and UGG® is no exception. Made famous by the likes of Sienna Miller and Kate Moss in the early 00s, UGG® shearling boots became the most reliable shoe on the market and a prerequisite for nonchalant boho wardrobes. 

This season they are back as the iconic brand launches a revolutionary collection that reimagines some of UGG® best-loved shoes with style and purpose. Say hello to their first ever sustainable line, the Plant Power Collection.

Here’s everything you need to know…


Thoughtful, intelligent design

Not only will the new styles and fun colourways (more on those later) leave you smiling, but they’ve been reimagined with sustainability at the forefront. The entire Plant Power Collection is made from  carbon neutral, plant-based materials, including the plant-based “plush” – a cosy, cheeky kind of faux shearling that instead uses TENCEL™ Lyocell made from wood pulp converted into regenerated cellulosic fibers. Clever.


Then there’s the SugarSole™ – a foam sole made from sugarcane that allows UGG® to massively reduce their dependence on fossil fuels by replacing the widely used petroleum-based ethylene. Plus, the brand has upped the use of hemp and cotton instead of synthetic fibres like polyester for a more environmentally-preferred product in their Hevea rubber soles.

A cosy classics have became the most reliable shoe on the market and a prerequisite for nonchalant boho wardrobes. Now they're upping their game with a dedication to sustainability too.

Responsibly sourced and carbon neutral 

For those in the market for a more sustainably conscious choice when it comes to fashion, and let’s face it, that should be all of us, UGG® use of renewable, low-emission and natural materials allow the brand to lower their carbon footprint. They then offset the small remaining amount of carbon emissions to create a balanced collection, to ensure they are dedicated to emitting manufacturing threats to our oceans, forests and atmosphere. 

Already loved by influencers

The feel good collection hasn’t gone unnoticed by style and sustainability conscious tastemakers. Cook, author and eco fashion supporter Jasmine Hemsley has already been spotted in the snowy white Fluff Sugar Sandal, styled eclectically with her vintage-esque aesthetic, 

While entrepreneur and founder of Sustainable Fridays, Marina Testino, has been seen sporting hers on the beach and self-love advocate and Instagram star, Stephanie Yeboah, shows that these are casual shoes made to be seen. UGG® is truly seasonless and can be worn all year-round.

What’s new

The new collection comprises a trio of feel good shoes. First up, the Fluff Sugar Sandal, available in a rainbow of sweetie shades – yellow, white, pink and blue – it’s made using only plant-based materials adapted to look and feel like UGG® iconic and bestselling Fluff styles.


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Impossibly stylish and an absolute joy to look at, these slides are sure to up your WFH game. For those in the market for something less vibrant, the Neumel desert boot offers a more structured, sensible style that will fit seamlessly into any wardrobe. Available in more muted shades, the boot features plant-based materials, woven from a durable blend of 55% cotton and 45% hemp and is versatile to work with everything from floral spring dresses to off-duty denim.

Finally, are the Fluff Sugar Platform, which launched last Friday, that will complete UGG® shoes new feel good sustainable collection.

Shop the Plant Power Collection below…

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