From snake plants to devil’s ivy, you can totally transform a space in an instant with a scattering of plants. Whether you’re looking to up your plant game, want to help grow your indoor jungle further or you’re new to the houseplant game all together, these eight plant delivery services will help you fill your home with pretty foliage in an instant.

Beards & Daisies

Bringing together a carefully curated plethora of indoor plants, Beards & Daisies can be found helping you to create your plant utopia in a matter of minutes (well, days as you’ll need to wait for the little plants to be delivered…)

Scroll through the options and expect to find lesser known plant varieties too, as well as succulents and cactus plants for those who aren’t so good at keeping their plants alive for longer than a week… Beards & Daisies has a plant subscription package too, meaning you’ll receive a plant from their wide collection; sometimes rare, sometimes unusual and sometimes just a stunning plant with a beautiful ceramic pot.

The Stem

Sustainability is at the heart of their work, from planting a tree with every order through to delivering in only electric vehicles. The Stem, first launched in 2019 by James who gave up his career in the city for a new lifestyle in the plant world, has since blossomed into a really beautiful plant community. 

From sun lovers like the Areca Palm and Boston Fern, to shade dwellers, including the Snake Plant Zeylenica, The Stem brings you the best indoor houseplants in the most sustainable manner possible.

The Little Botanical  

The Little Botanical certainly knows a lot about growing indoor plants, from the best for different environments to working alongside some of the world’s best plant breeders, growers and stockists to ensure they can offer their customers the best deals and plants in the business. 

Add a little tranquility to your humble abode and search through their indoor plant options, from trailing plants to living walls, succulents to flowering blooms. If you’re starting out in the indoor plant world, their ‘My Home Bundle’ helps to bring you a gang of the best houseplants to you. Included you’ll find a Calathea (Prayer Plant), Chamaedorea (Parlour Palm), Haworthia (Zebra Cactus), Crassula (Jade Plant) and a Echeveria (Molded Wax Agave).

Patch Plants 

Giants in the plant delivery game, Patch are known for bringing their customers the best plants for their space straight to their door. 

Patch have put all of the groundwork in for you, allowing you to shop by room, temperature, plant type or even height, depending how big or small you want your plant friends to be. All available with quirky names, each plant’s dedicated page comes with a how-to guide on looking after them, as well as a selection of quick facts so you know what it is you’re getting in for.

Hi Cacti 

Based in Brighton, Hi Cacti is a cactus concept shop, which specialises in indoor plants, south by southwestern interiors and adorable botanical gifts. Explore the online store, until you can visit the store in person, and fall in love with the planter collections. 

We love the Triceratops and Brontosaurus planter range. Choose your favourite colour and arm your kiddies bedrooms with a series of these on their bedside shelves. 

Bloombox Club 

Helping you on your journey to being a plant-stagrammer is Bloombox Club, the London based plant delivery service. Founded back in 2015, Bloombox Club has since grown from strength to strength, bringing pretty, rare and quirky plants to their customers’ doors in an instant. 

From gifting subscriptions to plant friendly foliage, there’s a plethora of options to choose from. Buy a statement plant, like a giant fiddle leaf fig or go small with a shark fin, which is a plant that’s in the shape of, you guessed it, a shark fin. 

Over on their site, they’ve also got an A to Z plantcare list helping you to become the best plant mum you can and to really grow your green fingers with knowledge.

Barry’s Cactus Club 

You can’t go wrong with a medley of cacti lining your shelves, tv stand or kitchen counters, and where better to head than cacti experts, Barry’s Cactus Club. Here you’ll find all of your favourite mini cactuses in one spot. We absolutely adore the mini cactus trio – they’re too cute to resist. 

Wondering who on earth Barry is? Well, he’s a cactus. Just like you might name your car, the founders of the Cactus Club named Barry after a cactus. 

Leaf Envy

Unleash your inner plant mum with a little help from Hackney based plant store, Leaf Envy. These guys have dedicated their services to helping make plant parenthood more simple, so you can just live out your jungle dreams without having to worry. 

If you’re looking to start out on your plant journey and don’t know where to start, fear not because they create tailored plant recommendations suited to your personal needs, alongside simple care advice and quality options at very affordable prices.

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