Bill’s is a British restaurant and bar group, founded by Bill Collison in 2001 when he opened a small greengrocery in Lewes, East Sussex, England. Today, Bill’s focuses on using seasonal ingredients in their colourful dishes, regularly crafting limited-edition menus, and prioritising guest experiences; making a trip to Bill’s the perfect excuse to fill your boots with food and fun each and every time.

From Bottomless Brunch with the gang, to cosy date nights with your special someone, or family fun with the kids and in-laws, your local Bill’s is never too far away… With restaurants throughout London and the UK, Bill’s are always ready to welcome friends from near or far (even the dog is welcome too).

Each of their venues have their own personality with finishing touches that are unique and won’t be found in another site, from theor first ever restaurant in Lewes which was born out of a greengrocers, up to the most Northern restaurant in York, to the heart of London in Soho, right across the border into Wales’s capital and home of the dragon, Cardiff. Bill’s eclectic and colourful style and is familiar but at the same time, one of a kind, with each venue offering a unique experience.


3 things to try when you’re there

  • Bottomless Buttermilk Pancakes (available daily at 3-5pm)
  • Chicken & Sesame Dumplings
  • Buttermilk Chicken Burger

You might not know but..

Arguably one of Bill’s most peculiar sites with a lot of history behind it, is the Horsham restaurant, situated in West Sussex. The venue has had many previous lifetimes and dates back to at least 1648… In its existence, the building is known to have been used as a butter and poultry market in the 1700s, a courthouse and eventually a Town Hall in the 1800s, to a brief stint as a library in the 1900s…

Fast forward to the early 2000s, the site has just celebrated its 10th birthday as has been a Bill’s restaurant site since 2012 and still has the basement formally used as prison cells from the courthouse way back when.