Established in 1976, Japan Centre Group has 3 Japanese supermarkets and food halls and 11 ramen restaurants across London, Oxford and Manchester to get your Japanese cuisine fix. Explore Japan Centre’s different outlets below…

Japan Centre

Japan Centre is a well-loved destination for Japanese shopping and dining in London.

Japan Centre’s flagship store is located just off Leicester Square, with a mochi bar, fresh food counter and delicious sushi, as well as all of your favourite Japanese & Asian groceries.

In 2018, Japan Centre Ichiba opened as Europe’s largest Japanese food hall. Inside Ichiba you’ll find a dedicated Sake & Oyster bar, great for a pick me after shopping, with a wide range of delicious sake and sake seasonal cocktails.

For those with a sweet tooth there is also a Mochi Donut Bar, serving hand decorated mochi donuts, brownies and bubble tea. At the Fish & Meat Counter, you can pick up fresh sushi and sashimi for lunches on the go.

Japan Centre in Westfield Stratford City is their East London gem, stocked with essential cooking ingredients, fresh Japanese bakery items and hot food from ramen to crispy katsu curries.

With over 3500 authentic products with 150 different suppliers across their stores, you can find everything from quirky Japanese snacks to fresh fish & meat, sushi made daily and delicious Japanese soul food.

Their online store also delivers across the UK & Europe, so that you can get your Japan fix wherever you are!

Shoryu Ramen

In 2012, Shoryu Ramen opened as one of the few places serving authentic Japanese ramen in London, and now boasts 9 locations across London, Oxford and Manchester.

Their signature dish, the Hakata Tonkotsu ramen, comes all the way from their founder Tak Tokumine’s hometown, Hakata in Japan. With a velvety, pork bone-based broth that undergoes a long and meticulous simmering, this hearty bowl of ramen is rich, flavourful and authentic.

Alongside famous Japanese soul food such as gyoza dumplings, takoyaki octopus balls and tsukune meatball skewers, Shoryu will give you an authentic experience of Japan in the UK.

Ramen Yokocho

Immerse yourself in the retro world of 1970s Tokyo – under a canopy of glowing lanterns, nostalgic neon street signs and a classic j-pop soundtrack, grab a bowl of steaming hot speciality ramen from every area of Japan. 

Yokocho celebrates Japanese regional ramen cuisine, from northern Hokkaido to Kyushu in the south with all the broths and ramen noodles in between.

What broth floats your boat? Miso, shio salt or vegan, they’ve got them all and more. Are you a lover of a chijire wavy noodle, or more of a slick thin hosomen fan? 

Discover all these regional specialities at Yokocho’s downtown retro ramen bar and transport yourself to the nostalgic bright lights and lively ‘yokocho’ alleyways of Showa era Japan in the heart of London.

Loud, noisy, fun and full of mouthwatering tastes & smells – Yokocho is our number one destination for a night out!


3 things to try when you’re there

Their freshly made mochi donuts, made with mochiko rice flour for the perfect combination of mochi and donut, available across Japan Centre stores. Try the Matcha & Raspberry for an authentic Japanese flavour, paired with our fruity bubble teas with tapioca pearls.

Ganso Tonkotsu ramen from Shoryu, inspired by the ramen from our CEO Tak Tokumine’s hometown in Fukuoka, Japan, with the White Natural being their vegan take on the classic.

At Ramen Yokocho step back in time with the retro inspired and refreshing 1970s melon soda, served with vanilla ice cream and a cherry on top or go for our grill as you like it yakiniku tables, with your own choice of meats, vegetables and sauces for a fun night out with friends & family

You might not know but..

Tak Tokumine arrived in the UK in 1976 with a suitcase of Japanese books! His company has since become one of the largest Japanese retailers in the UK and now operates an online store, 3 food halls and restaurants across London, Oxford and Manchester.