Capturing the spirit and glamour of fashionable Soho, Manzi’s is a relaxed, all-day seafood and fish restaurant nestled between Greek and Frith Streets. Set across two floors, Manzi’s fondly tips its hat to the original, a Leicester Square institution beloved by Londoners for more than half a century.

Manzi’s serves familiar dishes with a side of playful escapism. The menu features classics such as Catch of the Day and Moules Marinière, retro favourites, from seafood cocktails to Lobster Thermidor, and specialities with a flamboyant twist, such as Monkfish Wellington, designed to be shared with friends and family. From simple plates to lunches and dinners, Manzi’s evokes the spirit of the area: creative, inclusive, and just a little bit irreverent.


3 things to try when you’re there

Monkfish Wellington

Half pint of prawns (for a retro vibe)

Cioppino fish stew

You might not know but..

The interiors are inspired by the iconic Rick’s Café from the movie Casablanca, with a seafaring twist.