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The Amber Bar

55 Southwark Street, London SE1 1RU, UK

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About The Amber Bar

The Amber Bar is a new secret bar in COLAB House under Flat Iron Square. Within the beating heart of London bridge it offers the perfect alternative to the normal night out. Run by COLAB Theatre, London’s leading immersive theatre company, the House will promise to provide you with a show that will take you into new worlds to discover something truly exciting. Perfect for a quiet drink or if you’re wanting you more adventurous side to be rewarded.

Spy City will be the first show to premier at the COLAB House:

Collect secret packages, chase enemy agents, uncover your true identity and escape capture. Audiences abandon their everyday lives and become the protagonist of this theatrical adventure across London Bridge.

This intimate, action packed three-part performance starts in an exclusive spy members bar where you reveal your true identity and begin your new life as an elite agent. Go on an undercover mission around London Bridge to find the safehouse. Break in, rescue your fellow agents and see if you have the guts to escape.

COLAB is an Immersive Theatre company creating new worlds and experiences to tell a story. Using buildings and locations around London and the UK COLAB bring the untapped world around us alive with old, new and borrowed stories in worlds that take audiences back, forward and sideways in time.

Rooms / Capacities

  • Maximum Capacity: 100

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