Rooms capacities:
Private Hire (290)

Bold Londoners and discerning, international travellers are invited to access The Perception at W London. Overlooking the hustle and bustle of the streets of Soho from the first floor of W London, the bar ignites the neighbourhood with electric energy, transforming from a laid-back hangout by day to a place to be seen at by night.

The concept features subtle, abstract references to the brand and city’s shared love of fashion, music and design through its bold interiors and diverse cultural programming, accompanied by killer cocktails and a lip-smacking bar menu. You’re invited to settle into one of the bold booths, sip away on expertly crafted, original cocktails and soak in the electric beats from London’s hottest DJs. Join Soho’s hottest late-night happening – never boring, never enough. Stay late and live it up at central London’s most magnetic destination bar.

Frosé Royale Brunch 

London’s pinkest bunch is back and it’s bolder! Lux it up with Frosé Royale, an excessive upgrade with a bubbly twist. Indulge in one and a half hours of flirty Frosé topped-up with Veuve Clicquot Champagne, a lip-smacking main from our brunch menu and a playful dessert. The menu is £49 per person.

Settle in for the afternoon and immerse yourself in the electric tunes of our resident DJ, whilst mingling with London’s hottest weekend crowd.



You might not know but..

The central penny table is made out of 12 table tops, on each table top there are 1980 x 1p coins. Times that by 12 to get total amount.

3 things to try when you’re there

1. Enjoy the Show – our specialty cocktail, tastes like a movie
2. London’s pinkest brunch – Frosé Brunch
3. The silent disco booth