If you’re a regular smoothie maker or can’t get enough of the fresh juices from the local juice shop, you’ll know that near enough every fruit and vegetable combination has been thought of. We’re talking cherry and avocado, apricots and green tea, and even kale and peach. But one thing we never thought we’d witness was the emergence of the katsu smoothie… 

Well if the bizarre smoothie combination had ever crossed your mind, you can thank restaurant-chain, Wagamama who have just launched a limited-edition katsu smoothie to their delivery menu. And no, as strange as it sounds, this isn’t an April Fools article…

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were all becoming katsu experts at home after Wagamama first shared their famous katsu sauce recipe, but Wagamama announced last week that they would be introducing a new smoothie to their menu involving their iconic signature dish – katsu. 

Available from twenty of Wagamama’s locations until 7th April, fans of the dish can enjoy the flavours in a smoothie mix. Alongside the katsu flavour, the drink is packed with apples, bananas and pineapple to create a sweet, tangy flavour.

As strange as it is, the smoothie has been created to help raise awareness and funds for the YoungMinds, the charity that helps get young people the mental health support they need. It’s been released to help young people walk and talk, with all of the proceeds going directly to the YoungMinds charity. So if you fancy trying out the katsu smoothie, you’ll also be helping support a really good cause.

Many have asked if it’s an April Fools joke that’s come early...

Even with the added fresh fruits, the smoothie combination is an odd one and fans of the restaurant-chain aren’t convinced. Wagamama’s Instagram post announcing the drink has caused quite the stir, with over 440 comments – and counting, from katsu lovers expressing their opinions on the unusual beverage. Many have asked if it’s an April Fools joke that’s come early, while others are outwardly expressing their disgust, asking if the talented chefs at Wagamama are feeling ok…

Innocent Drinks however, have congratulated Wagamama on the arrival of the limited-edition smoothie, with a tweet saying “Probably not meant to advertise a rival smoothie but we take off our little woolly hats to this beauty.”

With the smoothie only available until 7th April, will you be willing to add this smoothie to your order?

Available from the following branches:

York City Centre
Bristol Clifton
Cardiff Library
Cambridge Leisure

Edinburgh Lothian Road
Manchester Spinningfields
Sheffield City Centre
Leicester High Cross
Wigmore St
Clink St
North Greenwich

The katsu smoothie is available until 7th April, with all profits going to YoungMinds charity | www.wagamama.com

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