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It’s difficult to hold rose-tinted spectacles up to 2020, but if we head into 2021 clutching one positive then it’s neighbours. Not the Australian soap. When things got bad, neighbours had our backs, it was neighbours we smiled at during the Thursday NHS ‘clap’, it was unnumbered good deeds, a friendly face at the end of another weary day; neighbours went from strangers to intimates in 2020.

And at The Handbook we appreciate our neighbours too. The shops and restaurants that surround our office are our friends as well as colleagues, they’re where we go for meetings, for celebrations, where we buy birthday presents or head for fillings (whether it’s at the dentist, or sandwich fillings at Gail’s). Wandsworth Town BID (that’s Business Improvement District) are also very keen that we support local, especially at this time.

So during Lockdown 2.0, shuttered up at home, we still want to be there for our neighbours. Which means we need to order all the things that bring us joy. If you’re based in or around Wandsworth Town, so should you!

Over Under

This one is close to our hearts because we are at Over Under every morning for our coffee in ‘normal times’ (they’ve a kiosk opposite Handbook HQ!). Open during lockdown, that doesn’t help if you’re not commuting any longer, stuck at home and yearning for your morning fix.

Lucky, then, that Over Under are delivering. Order their own range of freshly ground coffee and original granola. Or, if you’re lucky enough to live close enough to their Ladbroke Grove coffee shop (sadly I don’t!), you can even order a full breakfast in bed!

Use the code OUDELIVERS at checkout for 50% off!

Where: Opposite Wandsworth Town Station, Wandsworth Town, SW18 1SU

Anthology Boutique SW18

Vibrant and eclectic, and that’s just the owner. If you’re missing Anthology’s Naomi and her Tardis-like shop packed with styles and brands then fear not, she’s delivering to your door!

Friendly service and an eye for that perfect garment make this walk-in-wardrobe of a boutique a must-visit and ever effervescent owner Naomi will see that you’re matched to the right piece.

Free local delivery (Naomi on a bike!) or national or international via mail!

Website: Follow Anthology on Instagram for the latest styles…


Wandsworth Town’s cheeky butcher Phill is known for his loyal customers and his sausages. With a snaking socially-distanced queue out of the door even in the midst of lockdown, there’s always delivery on offer too.

Cheeky butcher Phill is known for his loyal customers and his sausages...

Take it from me, the scotch eggs are superb, and worth the trip.

Where: 362 Old York Road, Wandsworth Town, SW18 1SP


March 2020 was probably not the ideal moment to open a boutique clothes store, and yet despite being closed for two lockdowns Uncommon has nevertheless burst onto the Wandsworth scene with a fantastic range of clothes and homewear.

Curated and run by Kate, from knitwear to trainers via floaty dresses, the highly browseable shop is a gem and is equally easy to enjoy online too.


Where: 366 Old York Road, Wandsworth Town, SW18 1SP

Bramble & Willow

Florist Bramble & Willow accurately describes itself as a luxury florist, and whether you’re treating your mum or just making the room look nice, cheery owner Emma (and Coda the dog) are always there to brighten your day.

An oasis of floral scents and bouquets, the tiny shop is packed with beauty and run in equal parts by Emma and Coda (the cutest dog on the street).

Have you started thinking about Christmas trees? If not then look no further than Bramble & Willow as they’re taking orders already!

WHERE: 545A OLD YORK ROAD, Wandsworth Town, SW18 1TQ

Gail’s Bakery

Something of a London institution, there was palpable excitement in the office when Gail’s opened last summer. With over 50 bakeries across the capital, Gail’s still somehow retains the feel of an independent, and the sourdough loaves are simply incredible and a Handbook staple.

Switching into lockdown mode by continuing to serve from the coffee shop itself, the online offering is equally helpful for ordering baked goods or why not go the full hog and invest in a hamper?



Cosy Konnigan’s is a favourite for a grabbed meeting out of the office or a hearty lunch. Top-tip: the house burger, slopped in cheese, is genuinely mouth watering and was the final meal ‘out’ I enjoyed before Lockdown 2.0 hit.

Not that I can’t continue to make the most of  this Wandsworth gem given they are signed up to deliver via Deliveroo and Just Eat.


Salvesen Graham

Interior design studio and purveyors of luxury homeware Salvesen Graham are making sure that shoppers can still browse freely by launching their online shop.

Delivering locally, where safe to do so, you can enjoy their range via the web, or just go and gawp in at the window at all the beautiful items, like everyone else.

Where: 364 Old York Road, Wandsworth Town, SW18 1SP

Bayley & Sage

Arguably the smartest shop on Old York Road, a place where truffles await snuffling and cheeses waft freely.

From a single store in Wimbledon in 1997 to a mini-empire across South West London, of course this smart deli delivers. Or head down to this wondrous pantry, have a snoop and a sniff around before heading home and ordering online.


Pad Thai Story

What’s the jackanory, Pad Thai Story? If there’s one thing that Pad Thai Story do very well indeed it’s… pad Thai.

A relative newcomer to the Wandsworth Town, Pad Thai Story is nevertheless one that always has a happy ending. They’re available to deliver plus if you order online for collection you can receive 10% off!

Where: 543 Old York Road, Wandsworth Town, SW18 1TQ

Thanks to all our neighbours, whether you’re delivering or you’re sat at home waiting for the doorbell to ring with your deliveries. The moment is fast approaching where Wandsworth Town is fully open again. We know that lockdown’s definitely taught us the value of shopping local.

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