How did you sleep last night? Sticky? Fan pointed at your bare back permanently on setting three? If you’re currently sardine-crammed into a tiny office wiping your keyboard due to the perspiration blown off your colleague’s forehead each time the fan rotates then there’s news just in, my sweltering friend. It’s going to get hotter.

Yesterday saw London temperatures top out at 32.2 degrees Celsius (or 89.96 Fahrenheit if you’re American or old). The recording, made at Heathrow, marks the hottest day of the year so far. But apparently there’s more to come…

Having bitched pretty much endlessly about the lack of a summer, about the rain and overcast skies and the fact I’m wearing at least one layer of wool on a daily basis, the weather just got its own back.

The current heatwave is causing my phone (‘Designed in CALIFORNIA’) to black-out and my brain to melt.

According to professional weather people, it's just getting started...

And according to professional weather people, it’s just getting started. The Met Office this week issued its first ever Extreme Heat Warning, and has predicted that today will see the heatwave peak at temperatures around 33 degrees and it could rise even higher on Thursday.

The hot weather coincides with the start of the holiday getaway, with literally millions of us expected to use the beginning of the school hols and the iffiness of foreign travel right now as a chance to take a UK staycation.

Sombrero me up...

Sadly it also is increasing hospitalisations and deaths from sun and heat related illnesses.

Advice from Public Health England includes wearing suncream (um, thanks) but also ensuring children only play in the shade, avoid being outside between 11am and 3pm, when the UV rays are strongest, walk in the shade and also advising us to wear broad brimmed hats (Sombrero me up).

Given air-conditioning units are probably trading like Bitcoin right now and the heat shows no sign of ending, find some shade and stay safe… and sweaty.

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