We Just Found Out Jack Whitehall Has A Food Blog and We’re Kind Of Obsessed

Presumably when you’ve reached levels of Jack Whitehall fame you can decide to launch a food blog and amass a cool 82k and counting followers in a matter of weeks.

Well that’s exactly what everyone’s favourite funny public school boy did in the height of lockdown, when he launched FoodSlut, a gloriously unapologetic feed of food porn that’s, in Jack’s own words, slutty foods for those who like to slut it up.”

For those that subscribe to a more LA, Goop-style approach to cooking might want to look away now. Jack’s taste  is the antidote to Paltrow-esque pulses and seeds and is a celebration of decadent, bacon-laden, Southern-inspired, fried and then fried again dishes. Delightful.


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The blog is run by Jack, along with fellow actor and friend Marcus Petty-Saphon and Jack’s younger brother Barney Whitehall, and features a selection of unashamedly artery-clogging dishes, from  the Nashville Hot Chicken to a more decadent Wagyu Sando to the Full English Slutfast – essentially a fry-up with homemade hash browns and bread fried in bone marrow.

Healthy it is not, but for three lads who aren’t trained cooks some of the recipes are pretty decent and take a fair amount of skill. We’re bookmarking the Barbacoa Lamb Lasagna for autumn dinner parties – spice rubbed lamb, slow cooked, layered into the Italian comfort dish and topped with oozy mozzarella and truffle oil.

Admittedly there are less sophisticated recipes on the blog like the Spam Fries. Literally a tin of spam, cut into chips and fried in vegetable oil.

The blog has been such an overnight success that the FoodSlut boys have been offered a restaurant collaboration with Tower Bridge-based boutique hotel, The Dixon, in its restaurant Provisioners, securing their spot in the industry as bonafide food influencers. 

Running a special menu every Friday evening and weekends from 25th September to 18th October, the collaboration will feature a series of indulgent brunch, lunch and dinner dishes for both meat eaters and, shock(!) vegans, as Jack’s creations do tend to be on the meatier side of things. It’s been created by Jack, Marcus and Thom Bateman, the chef/creator for the FoodSlut team who is best-known for his popular Instagram page @bboxfood.

Food Slut Slutty Burger
FoodSlut Truffle Fries

Expect dishes such as the Slutty Burger – ​a double patty smashed dry aged beef with brown butter baconnaise, bread and butter pickles, crispy onions, shredded lettuce and maple ketchup​; ​Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwiches  – ​fried chicken breast coated in the FoodSlut ‘slutty secret recipe’ spices, served on thick white bread with comeback sauce, pickles, shredded lettuce and slaw; ​and the vegan starter of ​Korean Style Cauliflower Bites – ​baked in a spicy batter and smothered in a sweet spicy gochujang sauce served with sesame seeds and spring onions.

Plus the special edition vegan Possible Burger​, created in collaboration with renowned food waste charity The Felix Project. The burger will use upcycled ingredients to make a vegan patty, charred jalapeno cheese sauce, bread and butter pickles and crispy onions, and 10% of sales will go to The Felix Project, a charity that Jack and his pals supported during lockdown with their own at-home burger kits. 

The menu is topped off with an equally tempting dessert – Peanut Butter Cheesecake with hot chocolate sauce and raspberry ripple ice cream.

“There’s something quite fun about the fact we’ll be serving a menu that pushes the boundaries of culinary decency in a restaurant on the site of an old Magistrate’s Court and police station!” Jack commented on the collaboration.

“We’re also very pleased to be working with the Felix Project again and we’re looking forward to seeing what the public thinks of our food.”

We’re sure the public are too.

FoodSlut at Provisioners will be available from Friday 25th September to Sunday 18th October.

Provisioners, The Dixon, 4 Queen Elizabeth St, London SE1 2LL

Book online at www.provisioners.co.uk

Follow FoodSlut at @FoodSlut or on the blog at www.foodslut.co.uk

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