If you’ve swiped through hundreds of profiles but still find yourself single, you don’t need us to tell you that dating apps don’t work. What you do need, however, is the answer to this question: “how can I finally meet someone?!”. 

Simple: try a quality dating app. 

We know this is contradicting the previous statement so stay with us here…

Inner Circle has been the underdog of the dating scene for a while now. It’s a free to download, high quality dating app that matches you with like minded people you’d actually want to date. The idea is that you use the app to refresh your dating pool and meet people you otherwise wouldn’t, but after you’ve matched online it’s all about taking things offline.

Pin your favourite bars, restaurants and first date ideas to your profile

And voila. Your match knows straight away the kinds of places you like to hang out at and where to take you for the first date. And for date number 2? Use the app to discover hidden date spots tried and tested by other Inner Circle members. When the venue’s just right and your match is on your wavelength, a flirty night is guaranteed.  

If you fancy something more out there, grab a ticket to these legendary singles parties

Inner Circle will have you flirting in museums, bonding at food festivals, and dancing on the tables at iconic Chelsea nightclubs. Goodbye screen time, hello partying with over 200 single people. It’s pretty much the perfect way to ditch dating apps for good, if that’s your thing. 

But the best bit? Little features that mean your time is always well spent

From the moment you register with the app, you’ll notice richer profiles, better conversations, and a super smart algorithm that somehow knows exactly what (and who) you’re looking for. Plus, Inner Circle screens every new member to keep out catfish. When you know the people around you are certified picks rather than a gamble, everyone’s more inclined to shoot their shot. 

We know you’re done with dating apps, but it’s worth giving this one a go. 

Created in partnership with Inner Circle

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