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If you’ve been following fashion bloggers since the beginning, then you’ll know Estée Lalonde. Her OG insight on fashion and beauty have paved the way for vloggers and bloggers alike, and even helped her to launch her own lifestyle brand.

We sat down with Estée to chat about her beauty must-haves, her brand Mirror Water, and all things fashion.

You were one of the first vloggers/bloggers to really make it big in the UK, how has your journey as an influencer played out?

It’s so funny to look back on because I had no idea how much blogging would impact my life when I first started. I started sharing my life online in an attempt to make friends and build a community in a country I had recently moved to. I managed to gain lots of IRL friends as well as an audience of likeminded people. That was about 10 years ago, which is hard to believe because it feels like yesterday! The industry has changed so much since then and creators are a lot more confident of their value in their respective fields.

What have been the highs and the lows of growing up with followers watching?

I started gaining a large audience when I was about 21 years old and contrary to my belief at the time, I did not know everything! I look back and think perhaps I shared too much of my personal life, although that’s the very reason I gained popularity in the first place. I didn’t understand boundaries and I thought being so vulnerable didn’t have much of an impact on me. It wasn’t until more recently that I’ve realised the role that has played. I’m much more particular about what I share, who I share and why I share it.

You recently launched MIRROR WATER, your first solo brand. Tell us all about it!

MIRROR WATER is a true labour of love for me. During the pandemic I, like so many people, craved connection. I wanted to figure out a way to build a brand that would act and feel more like a community. Community is what I’m truly passionate about and I knew I needed that to come across through my beauty range. I absolutely adore the ritual of bathing and what it can do for a person’s soul, so after over 2 years MIRROR WATER was born!

All of our products are naturally derived, vegan + cruelty free and made in the UK. All of our products use the same essential oil blend of vetiver, Canadian black spruce and cedar with a flash of bright bergamot as an uplifting topnote.

I wanted to figure out a way to build a brand that would act and feel more like a community.

What are your absolute hero products from the range?

Our bestseller at the moment is The Ready Set, which is our body exfoliator and body oil duo.
BUFF, our body exfoliator is formulated with refining salts and shea nut shell powder to ensure your body is effectively exfoliated. The binding qualities of Soap Bark give BUFF its gel-like consistency, which ensures a mess-free application.

SMOOTH, our daily body oil combines three different oils and their respective benefits for the skin. We think that oil is the most luxurious type of body care so we developed an absorbent, non-greasy formula suitable for daily indulgence. We’re all getting ready for warmer weather and this set is flying off the shelves.

As well as beauty, you design a collection with jewellery brand Daisy London. Can we expect more from that this year? If so, what’s been the inspiration for the latest line?

I have absolutely loved collaborating with Daisy London to create 4 best selling collections over the years. It was the first time I got to create something tangible and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s so cool to see people wearing the pieces I love so much. We’re still trying to figure out what our next move is. I only like doing a collection when I feel creatively inspired to do so and I’m in the process of pondering…

Our past collections have been Heirloom; based on those pieces of jewellery that have been handed down to us, Goddess; a collection I designed when I wanted to feel powerful and sexy, Elevate, a collection born in the pandemic to help elevate our casual-wear and Together; something we designed to  be worn IRL as the lockdowns eased.

What are your five all time, can’t live without beauty products?

1) Charlotte Tilbury Pink Venus Lip Cheat

2)Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads

3)Votary Super Seed Nutrient Cream

4)Omorovicza Lip Balm

5)YSL Couture Brow


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A post shared by Estée Lalonde (@esteelalonde)


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A post shared by Estée Lalonde (@esteelalonde)

Best beauty discovery you’ve recently found?

The CND Keratin nail treatment! I have the most brittle nails and it helps so much!

Any industry tips you’ve learnt when it comes to skincare and makeup?

It’s probably not much of a secret, but properly cleansing your skin is so important. No matter how long my day has been, I always double cleanse. I also wear SPF every single day (yes, even when it’s raining!) and try to keep my skin super hydrated. Hydrated skin is happy skin!

What’s on your fashion wish list for the summer?

Definitely the Dragon Diffusion Jane Birkin small woven-leather basket bag! I can imagine some fresh flowers, a bottle of wine and a picnic blanket in there.

We love your interiors aesthetic. Which interiors brand are you currently coveting?

Thank you! Right now I’m envious of everyone who has a garden, so I’ve been spending some time making my terrace a bit cuter. I love HAY outdoor garden furniture (I don’t have much space, but I did buy their bench). For indoors, I’ve been obsessed with the Bedfolk Linen bedding. So breathable and perfect for warmer weather.

Will you be travelling this summer? If so, where?

Yes! I try to travel as much as I can in the summer. I’ll be going to Italy for a good friend’s wedding, British Columbia for a couple of weeks and hopefully some more trips to the beautiful British countryside with my dog Effie.

Right now I’m envious of everyone who has a garden, so I’ve been spending some time making my terrace a bit cuter.

The NoMad Hotel

Favourite hotel for beach, city and pool?

The NoMad hotel in London is perfection on every level. If I was coming to London I would definitely stay there. Other hotels I love include The Hoxton Paris, The Ludlow in NYC and Soho House in Barcelona. I love hotels, but I also love to stay in an Airbnb or a luxurious home from Unique Homestays.

Where are your favourite spots in London, from bars to restaurants, museums, etc?

I love Brilliant Corners in Dalston, Lina Stores, My Pleasant Lady for a quick bite in Soho, Bao of course. The museum I visit the most in London is the Tate Modern, but I also love the V&A. It’s fun to go to the conservatory in the Barbican or Kew Gardens. I love having a glass of red outside Café Boheme in Soho. Dreamy.

If you didn’t live in London, where would you like to call home?

Nowhere! I absolutely love living in London and I can’t imagine anywhere else feeling as magical as London does.

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