You might have heard of Michelin-starred chef Tom Aikens and his 25-cover Belgravia mews restaurant, Muse. Counter dining made his deft cooking the focus, but with current circumstances putting paid to that, he’s had to get inventive.

Enter Musette, a premium take on the at-home dining experience so many restaurants have pivoted to perfect.

What is it?

Two seasonal menus of contemporary and classic dishes, designed to be finished off at home for maximum fun (and freshness). The key focus is, as ever with Aikens, high quality ingredients and provenance.

While some restaurants are labouring to bring their exact experience to your living room, Aikens is keen to encourage us to interpret each dish in our own way. Fun!

You can choose between a three course ‘Marvellous Make-away’ and a two course ‘Sumptuous Sharing’ menu – just a few finishing touches required.


Can they deliver to me?

Delivery is available around the UK, with order cut off at Sunday midday. Delivery is the following Friday. It’s recommended that all dishes are consumed by the Sunday, latest.

So, what’s in the box?

You’ve got three options: Beef Wellington, Salt-Baked Beets with Cod Loin, or Salt-Baked Beets with Kohlrabi. Each meal is finished with a delightful decorate-at-home Cacao Tart, coming complete with mini piping bags. Terribly cute.

We opted for the magnificent-looking Beef Wellington – and weren’t for a second disappointed. In a two person box, we received:

  • Beef Wellington, stuffed with chicken mousse and duxelles
  • Red wine sauce
  • Roast butternut squash & baby spinach, with a parmesan shavings & walnut dressing
  • Two cacao, hazelnut and carob tarts

Sounds great… What will I need?

  • Welcome cocktails! We had tons of fun cracking out Create Cocktails @ Home’s wonderful Malfy La Dolce Vita box. All the garnishes come in super cute, dinky packages – and smell amazing. We felt super profesh adding sprigs of fresh rosemary and sage to our Prosecco, grapefruit and San Pellegrino limonata concoctions
  • A kitchen probe is useful for making sure the beef welly is cooked perfectly to your liking – you’re looking for an internal temperature of 40C for medium-rare
  • Plenty of red wine for later on. Try Wine Utopia’s Pedrera Monastrell for notes of dark red cherry and ripe plum – intensely flavoured, but not overpoweringly so. We also like their Uggiano Chianti Riserva ‘La Scoperta’, with notes of ripe plum, blackcurrant and juicy black cherry 
  • The Beef Wellington is substantial enough that really, it could feed three people. If you fancied making the meal go a little further (or a surprise dinner guest turns up) you could happily supplement with plenty of organic roasted veg. We utterly adore BENS Greengrocers – their selection of vegetables (not to mention exotic fruit for dessert) is second to none

How much work is involved?

Very little. The vegetables and red wine sauce simply need heating up, while the decadent Wellington is ready to be placed in the oven.

Just 45 minutes later, your centrepiece is ready, all succulent meat and perfectly flaky golden pastry.

The most time-consuming element has to be the decoration of the cacao tarts (and it’s certainly the most fun, especially after a couple of glasses of wine).

You’ll be tasked with piping white chocolate ganache and pumpkin mousse into a pre-made chocolate case, before sprinkling crunchy cacao nibs on top to finish. The instructions say to pipe ‘sporadically’, which we took as license to get ridiculously messy (and drunk). Enjoy!

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